K-Bass and Farafina Musiki / Press

“K-Bass has effectively pulled me into his album and into his music, and the moment that “Court International” begins, I can’t help but realize he has that magic ingredient that matters most… I’m in now. Now I want to stay here.”

“When I was asked to do this concert I said you dont have to ask twice. -K-Bass”

“...there is no doubt that it makes you want to get down and boogie.”

“I was totally unprepared for how remarkable this album is. From the opening moments of “Liberz L’Afrique”, the music sweeps you away. K-Bass comes in to intone his magic and you are thereafter transported to a rhythmic feast of sublime beats and melodies.”

“Le Talent de K-Bass a tout de suite captivé l’attention de plusieurs fans qui ont commencé à suivre K-Bass dans plusieurs de ces projet musicaux.”

“Young Celebrity News did a story on K-Bass in 2013”

“Middle Tennessee Music Did a review of La Liberte in 2013.”

“K-Bass on a National TV talk show in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Lors de sa resente visit en Cote d' Ivoire, Afrique de l' Ouest, K-Bass etait invite a l ' emission "On Garde le Contact" du 11 Septembre, 2013, avec Mohamed Kante.”

“We Have Featured a Reggae Artist Before, But None Like K-Bass. Although Titled Reggae Artist, K-Bass Adds a Little Twist To His Sound. ”

“I wasn’t more than a glance into reading into your bio when I found myself inclined to agree with him! You DO seem like “an amazing human being!” The story of you gaining your education and going on to athletic and musical achievements is completely inspiring.”

“K-Bass’ songs of praise, promise, new beginnings, and social consciousness shines throughout “La Liberte,” like a rainbow reflected in the earth’s sunlit atmosphere after the rain.... ...Nearly every song makes you want to get up and dance. It is a true credit to K-Bass’s songwriting and singing abilities that he can take serious social themes and not only put them to notes, but also to make the listener smile and feel uplifted. This is an album well produced, worth all the praise it will ultimately receive and should be a part of any lover of World Music’s collection. K-Bass (Bassirima Soro) is one of those rare and precious artists who seem to have truly lived and experienced the profound messages they communicate through their music. “La Liberte” is one of those albums you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of hearing it. With each listen, it just becomes more of an old friend, you love spending time with.”

"La Liberte" is his second solo album, but his first since branching out on his own for good. It's catchy. He sings in English, French and his native Bambara, and plays both reggae ("with an African signature," he said) and the addictive zouglou.