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“Kayla Stockert captures and delivers a very retro take on today’s “Pop Music”. Very refreshing and quite addictive! ”

“Stockert’s vocals, surprisingly powerful for a young woman of only fifteen years enrich the doo-wop style successfully building a bridge between 1954 style and 21st century sensibility.”

“The main thing that really makes Castles In The Sand work, is the singing. Stockert has a great voice and really sells the material. Arguably comparisons to modern female singers like Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse and Taylor Swift are the most obvious. Still, this is uniquely Stockert’s own sound.”

“Stockert's voice belies her years with its strength, which seems to stand out amid the instruments and the backing vocals. It's seemingly unavoidable to compare her to the likes of Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse and a bit of Nelly Furtado even, yet she's definitely herself.”

““Real vintage appeal about this singer as the opening line draws you in in a slight 60's way.The singers voice takes off in a very soulful amy winehouse way,very motown sounding tone and style.This is designed in a pop way as well and as the song progresses it offers a lot of relatable mainstream tone, great vibe. From the retro ingredients to the jangly pop guitar and the rich vocal layering this has a very pleasing production.Neatly ackaged into a modern pop style.The multi- tracked vocal parts really do stand out,very thin but in a radio mic 60's way,quite attractive edge to this retro pop theme.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review

“But there is more, in the shape of the excellent “Don’t Go Messing With my Heart”, which takes things to another level, and she does so with pure class.”

“You are unique~”

Demi Lovato X Factor 2012

“You have an amazing voice and you can do anything in the world with it!”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

“Being the cynical music critic I am. It’s (Castles In The Sand) better than anything I hear on pop radio today. One song in particular, “Don’t Go Messing With My Heart’, written by Kayla & The Como Brothers is a killer song. It’s reminiscent of Amy Winehouse ”

“Imagine that! a role model, talented singer, intelligence, personality, and charisma! all rolled up into one young girl! Who would have thought my inspiration would be so young! You rock Kayla! unstoppable hope for this world of ours! Don't ever forget how you affect lives in a positive way just by living your own!”

“Kayla has been blessed with a sweet sounding voice. She seems to instinctively know how to approach the classic songs she has chosen to sing. Perhaps most importantly, Kayla loves to sing and entertain an audience and that love is returned to her when she performs. I sincerely hope Kayla will continue to develop the talent she was born with”

Good Morning Hudson Valley. Bruce Owens, host Hudson Valley Talk Radio. - Good Morning Hudson Valley.

“you remind me of a tiny pony that will one day soon be a thoroughbred <---what Simon?”

Simon Cowell The X Factor 2012

“Kayla and The Como Bros have come together to create some of the most creative retro inspired songs of fall 2012 and we could be seeing the emergence of the next female teen pop star.”

“Wow girl you can sing!”

AR Kirk Lightburn Jive Records/Sony Music

“It's been such a thrill watching a "Little Star" becoming a "Big Star" right before your eyes. Stay yourself and you'll go far!”

~Vito Picone

“One Word to Describe Kayla Stockert’s EP Wow! That is my three-letter review of Kayla Stockert’s EP Castles In the Sand. It is tempting to compare an independent artist with a better-known commercial artist. To say that they sound like Taylor Swift in order to help the reader get a handle of where this person is. Comparisons are helpful but, at times, fail to convey a clear picture. This is one such time.”

“You have a story telling voice, your unique and I love it. You convinced me!”

~L.A. Reid, Audition 2012 X Factor Season 2

“This EP (Castles In The Sand) has made me a huge fan of Kayla. For a 15 year old to have such amazing vocals and showcase them in such a way as she has done here, shows that artists don’t have to do what every other artist on the planet is doing to get noticed. ~Carl Brindle, Indie Focus”

“Stockert’s vocal never takes the song to the melodramatic level of tragedy other performers have chosen. Instead, she once again underplays the drama in the lyrics, preferring a storyteller’s approach to the song without relying too heavily on vocal theatrics.”

Mr. Blackwell - Rock &amp; Roll View

“At 15 years old Kayla is already an amazing singer and being so young the sky is the limit!! Her EP has great vocals, catchy rhythms and makes you feel like its the best three bucks you’ve ever spent!!”

"Don't Go Messing With Kayla Stockert" and don't be fooled by Kayla's young sweet look; she's got a serious melody in her voice. A throwback to the music of the 50's, Kayla brings her own twist to songs that will take you right back to "Let The Good Times Roll" by Shirley & Lee.

“Great track (Don't go Messing With My Heart)! Like old fashioned pop you used to hear on the radio!" (featured song of the week)”

“A Shining Star Matching a Contemporary Sound with a Retro Vibe – and Lots of Spirit!”