Karen Altman / Press

“I love it when music picks me up and transports me to a place i have never been before. You have just done that Karen. Thank you.”

The World of Subduction - ReverbNation

“The music is beautiful! A new favorite CD, on repeat in my reading room!”

Angela - "Help the Gulf Coast" shop on Etsy

“Its always a pleasure listening to your music Karen. Not only are you musically gifted your art work is beautiful, Thanks Derrick!!!”

Derrick Paolo Teta - ReverbNation

“Your music has a certain magical quality to it. Not only is it enjoyable, but highly polished and just plain fun. I feel after listening to your tracks that I've visited an enchanted world. Best of luck to you. You are extraordinarily talented. I especially love Firefly Rendezvous. Gorgeous!”

Salariatus - ReverbNation

“I am truly lost for words - this is beautiful music”

Fusion - ReverbNation

“The counterpoint in "Fairy Story" is quite excellent. I enjoy the way the lines all interweave together. It would be a great theme for an Art Film. Lovely!”

Who Are We Media - ReverbNation

“The first song I listened to by Karen Altman was "Timeless", an amazingly beautiful song that easily found a place in my heart, haunting me even now! As I listened to the others I realized, this woman is a true artist, this woman is made of music!”

Adam Kaul - ReverbNation

“Midsummer Muse - delightful in the PAN running through the forest sort of way... starlight in the middle of a dream... I can't help myself when I listen to your music!”

Liza Marie Sparks - Reverb Nation

“This is a great place to visit, and today my favorite is Mirabella!! Absolutely beautiful Karen. Regards, Hose.”

Hose - Reverb Nation

“Love your music. Timeless is great. you have great talent and excellent music!”

Jean-Paul Zoghbi - Reverb Nation

“The music makes me feel like I am truly in a storybook world.”

Tim - facebook

"Your songs not only sustain my interest, they also move me emotionally. They never fail to take me on a journey. You have such a great talent!"

Jon - facebook

"I love how 'visual' your music is. I consider it a sign of really good instrumental music—this ability your songs have to evoke images and sensations, even stories, without the aid of lyrics."

J.S. - facebook