Kavan / Press

“KaVan, direct support to LA Guns, packed the house. To my amazement and disgust, KaVaN is not yet signed and not yet touring. They have the chops, and they have recently played to huge audiences at the House of Blues Anaheim and this show, as direct support for LA Guns at the House of Blues Hollywood. There was a sea of KaVan shirts fanned out through the crowd. KaVan fans were out in force and not afraid to support their boys, showing a loyalty few bands and their fans can match. They start and end every set with a high enegery, in your face experience. In my opinion, they are the next big thing. If any of the execs in the audience this night were paying attention, they might agree.”

“KaVaN’s show was particularly enjoyable in that it crosses musical boundaries and blurs lines. Someone who’s into mid-80′s, NWOBHM melodic-style songs will be able to hang with KaVaN without feeling overwhelmed by their heavier material. Conversely, a person whose music tastes runs to harder-edged metal won’t be put off by the Iron Maiden-influenced stuff. Good band, good show. ”

"One could reasonably expect... these guys could one day be playing to a sea of banging heads..."

“This was my first KaVaN experience and will not be my last.I will admit I have a personal bias/love for classic Heavy Metal/Power Metal bands,most notably Iron Maiden.My opinion,before KaVaN ended their set with their version of Iron Maiden’s fan favorite “The Trooper”,was “HOLY CRAP - these guys F**k’n Rock!”. If you love classic Metal and/or more modern Power Metal, catch these guys live. Personal bias aside, I believe they have all the musical skill, stage presence, original material, and passion to reach the next level.I could easily see these guys breaking out if given a legitimate shot on a major tour, with an established metal band or a festival tour such as Uproar. The Summer Festival/Tour season is booking now and these guys have “the skills” - I would advise any Metal Promoters and/or Booking Managers to check these guys out for yourselves at one of the many LA and OC shows they have”