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“With her first album, Vernon made it known that she was a standout singer and songwriter, even in the sea of talent that exists in the Twin Cities. Present shows us her emotional depth and precision, along with heavy doses of insight, pop sensibility and irresistible charm. The woman who writes sad songs on a happy instrument is feeling pretty good about life. This album will make you feel that way, too.”

“The record is an example of the mystery that is the human mind and a reminder that music is about making people feel they are part of something — a larger tribe. On it, Vernon digs deep into the creative psyche, revealing the complex interchange of ideas between human beings.”

"Her roots have been firmly planted as one of the Twin Cities’ most beloved folky singer/songwriters. Her newest album, “Present,” at once shows off her blooming relationship with her local band — with whom she will promote the album Sunday at Icehouse in south Minneapolis — as well as it touts her happy home life in White Bear Lake. One of the standout songs, “Lily,” jubilantly compares her eldest of two daughters to her favorite Crayola colors, while the ballad “Heart Is in Your Hands” celebrates motherhood. And the romantic gem “Loud” — well, let’s just say it sounds a bit randy."

“The UK singer-songwriter transplant that now calls our skies home, Katy Vernon, is strumming those four happy ukulele strings on her new release Present. The record jumps off with “23.” It’s a vibrant introduction to the dark material hiding behind those bright tones and shimmering vocals. Vernon may be warm and fuzzy on the surface, but take a closer listen for a darker tone. Add her to your Sunday calendar for her show at Icehouse.”

"I also have the pleasure to write about the latest by Katy Vernon, which is a lovely and very ambitious work that absolutely does not fall back on the laurels of the last album. She could have just gone full-twee and did some cheerful uke music, but she did NOT -- instead she created a rich damn work of very British pop music, and it's one of the best local LPs of the year." Present is a kind of mini-masterpiece of melancholy and very British pop music, full of richly-drawn, delightfully developed melodies, gorgeous singing and lyric-writing and tons of great playing. The big hit: “Pearl,” which would have sounded absolutely right on any radio station in 1990, all electric-piano punches and sweet jangle and a wordless hook that will drill into your skull. Equally great: “All Fall Down,” which has a kind of righteously twangy guitar up atop and a gorgeous verse melody.

““Pearl,” will stick those assumptions up yr. ass, folks. It’s a nicely heavy, melancholy tune with slatherings of nifty synth sounds and a magnificent melody that doesn’t half remind me of Lily Allen meeting Noel Gallagher in a dark alley with a neat little wordless hook that’ll sound magnificent all over the radio.”

“10. Katy Vernon, Before I Forget. Katy Vernon makes gorgeous, pretty, sweet, happy music. It is played primarily on ukelele. At the time I wrote my review, I think I thought Before I Forget was borne of deep satisfaction with life and praised that. Examining it more, I think I was wrong. I think it’s borne of tragedy and sadness and I think it’s a fist-raised triumph over adversity, which makes me love it even more. If this pretty little album, filled with terrific songs and some of my favorite singing of the year, came out of bad shit, then god dammit, it deserves me top tenning the SHIT out of it. Plus: anything my former boss Jim Walsh inspired/trumpeted/adored is a-ok with me. Click HERE for my full review of “Before I Forget.””

“Katy Vernon, a folk-pop singer with a supple voice that aches like wildflowers in the fall, has assembled a showcase of similarly charismatic acts to celebrate the release of her new album Before I Forget, including Dan Israel and The Mad Ripple. Born in London, transplanted to Minneapolis, Vernon makes original acoustic music (accented by her ukulele playing) that transcends the DIY aesthetic and crosses into real pop.”

“Before I Forget is Vernon’s first solo album, her compositions are fairly sparse, leaving plenty of room for her songbird-like voice and her ever-present ukulele. There is a beauty and hope in Vernon’s voice that ultimately makes the songs feel uplifting.”

"Before I Forget" showcases her willowy siren voice and ukulele-plucked, autumnal back-porch folk songs.

"Before I Forget is simply lovely; a celebratory, timeless, old-timey romp yes, romp, you heard me), the kind that doesn’t get made anymore, really. If you’re looking for a great record for a sun-dappled fall drive, this is your monster, my friends."

“A ukulele helped Katy Vernon get her groove back.”

“This debut solo cd from the London-born singer-songwriter, who used to front the local band the Camdens, is a deeply moving set of songs focused on family connections that continue to bring joy and heartache". ”

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““Katy Vernon's floating vocalizations can gently caress or peak with a high-flying quality” ”

Star Tribune

““Such sweet melodies, commanding, heart-lost vocals” ”

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““Should please fans of the Sundays, the Smiths, and Everything But the Girl alike.” ”

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