Katsumi Yoshihara / Press

“KATSUMI YOSHIHARA: Flamenco Fusion His Way A while back we featured Katsumi in his rock version, but we just can’t get enough of such a talented player. Today we’d like you to hear Yoshihara-san playing his full blown Flamenco fusion. Katsumi who is technically an excellent all round guitarist, moving between acoustic and electric with absolute ease, continues to surprise us with his tasty soulful playing. His style is always simple and clean, while the riffs do not seem like they’ve been chosen to impress the listener, but rather carefully selected to colour the beautiful melodies that Katsumi weaves along the fretboard. Knowing the dedication and precision of the Japanese people, you’d think that all this comes easily to Katsumi…and it does, but he has something more and it does not come from physical or mental prowess. It has to do with heart and soul. This is something you cannot learn. You are born with it. ”