Katsumi Yoshihara / Press

“TWENTY QUESTIONS WITH KATSUMI YOSHIHARA Rick Jamm’s series of 20 question interviews, kicks off with explosive Japanese rock and flamenco fusion guitarist, Katsumi Yoshihara. Let’s see if we get to to know a little more of why and how, he does what he does.”

“Check out the video of extraordinary Japanese guitarist Katsumi Yoshihara working the scales on the track “Under Constructio”

“Katsumi Yoshihara will blow and soothe your eardrums all at once, the instant you click the track “Electric Love”. Katsumi displays passionate control over his masterful fingers which scour the fret board digging up sweet and sour notes that crank your soul into overdrive. A mid tempo ballad with beautiful rhythmic crescendos and lead riffs, confirm that the Japanese offer a whole lot more than just plain sushi. Katsumi Yoshihara rocks!”

“Katsumi Yoshihara: even an earthquake can't stop the rock!”