Kat Solar / Press

“Kat Solar is an up and coming pop singer from the bright city of Detroit who's a little bit of the last four decades -- the showiness of 80s hair metal, the diva attitude of 90s female pop, and the courageous weirdness of many acts from the 2000s. She's basically the "Dirrty" Christina Aguilera with a little more Celine Dion and no assless chaps. So when I showed up to Solar's show at Le Poisson Rouge -- a cabaret-style club that Solar might as well have been born in -- I was already expecting a show. And I got more than that. It's no surprise that Kat Solar grew up in performing arts, because if nothing else she is a performer. Flanked by two female and male dancers each, Solar ran through her debut album Snake Eyes, suggestively shimmying around the small stage, beckoning the audience to come closer. The forty-minute set consisted of multiple costume changes, an electric hula hoop demonstration, and a song called "Money Shot."”

"To see a diva in the making is a unique experience. You’re taken in by her talent, her showmanship, and her stage presence. And, as the show goes on, you come to the realization that, “she’s got it.” You realize that she has it in her to do it bigger and better than any other pretender to the pop music throne. Seeing Kat Solar perform at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge this past Friday was one such experience."- OUT MAGAZINE