Kat Jones / Press

“It is a western apocalypse movie and Kat Jones, the heroine, is fighting against the antagonists. All weapons have been exhausted. She is not screaming, but rather bellowing out a deep warrior cry... Kat Jones does not play the guitar. She sieves her soul through it with committed guitar strokes.”

“Kat Jones, a singer-songwriter who writes damn good songs and who's new album, La Rosa, La Calavera, should have no trouble convincing you.”

Esquire Magazine

“Kat Jones is a fantastic songstress, equal parts haunting, heartbreaking, and lush. She can be mellow as Mazzy Star, and she can rock like P.J. Harvey. Thankfully, she’s neither completely, but rather the best of both. She’s far too under the radar for our liking, so please give her a listen...”


“Kat is, in the truest sense of the word, an artist. All of her songs are expertly crafted to be exactly what she wants them to be. From the musical aspect all the way to her incredible songwriting, she really does it all, and does it all very well.”

Indie Vision Music