Katie's Got Guts! / Press

“Rocking on from Lanham, MD. These four guys known as Katie’s Got Guts have an original sound of classic rock with a dose of pop rock stirred in their music. Talk about a delicious musical recipe. Katie’s Got Guts is a very soft and calm band. Do not take this the wrong way and assume this is a band that will put you to sleep. They are entertaining because they do not try to impress by sounding over the top. Jacob serenades his fans by not just singing but by also being a keyboardist and guitarist. Kyle also frets his guitar while George hits the bass and Philip bangs the drums. If you are the type of person who enjoys rowdy bands that a person can headbang and mosh to, this is definitely not the band for you. If you are the type of person that enjoys a band that has a solid sound and honest lyrics, then this will be the band for you. Katie’s Got Guts is definitely a band that needs to be heard by many. Do you have enough guts to listen to Katie’s Got Guts?”

“Next up was Katie's Got Guts. It was such a pleasure to meet bassist George and drummer Phillip, probably some of the nicest people I've ever met at gigs. Their set was power-packed from the beginning, exactly what we were promised. Philip with his constant twirling of his drumsticks in between playing (he was a firecracker!), George and lead guitarist Kyle headbanging, with Kyle even playing the guitar behind his head, and singer Jacob jumping and strutting his stuff onstage – all these antics gave the set such high energy. Their songs had a very punk/grunge feel... I definitely thought they put on a great show. The crowd was certainly enjoying it as well. It was the kinda music that just made you wanna jump around (or bounce around on the balls of your feet) because it was so feel-good and it didn't really help that the band members looked slightly high. Probably from the music. I enjoyed the pounding piano in the third number.”

“...George, Jacob, Kyle, & Philip (alphabetical order of course) create a team of individuals who knows how to create a stunning sound. Though Jacob may be mighty young, his lyrics and the other members’ lyrics pull an atmosphere of maturity that can be comprehended and agreed upon by listeners seeking a true musical experience...”

Nathaniel Elliott - Randomly Famous