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“ Utah songwriter and pianist finds her voice in message songs Local sounds » Inspired by her day job as a violence-prevention specialist, songwriter blends activism and music. By david burger | The Salt Lake Tribune First Published Dec 14 2012 01:01 am • Last Updated Dec 14 2012 01:01 am Katie McMinn found herself, at age 7, when she discovered the piano. McMinn, now 29, of Cottonwood Heights, produced and recorded her first song at age 17. Her music has been likened to Ingrid Michelson, Adele and Sara Bareilles. She’s released an EP, "Fly," and regularly performs her piano-driven songs locally. ”

“Singer fights against abuse By Jennifer Schwendiman October 3, 2012 “Sleep Through It.” The song is about a boy who witnesses his parents’ volatile relationship growing up and then echoes it with his own girlfriend. On her website, McMinn states, “I know the song is heavy, but domestic and dating violence is happening all around us. I didn’t want to write a song that sugar-coated the topic. I understand the song invokes emotion – hopefully that emotion will start a conversation about violent relationships. It is society’s silence that keeps the circle of violence alive.” “Sleep Through It” is on McMinn’s album entitled “Fly,” and has become one of her most recognizable songs. People often request it of her at shows declaring a connection with the song’s message. McMinn didn’t expect the reaction the song has received while preparing and recording it. But she is glad people have responded to it the way they have. “Writing something like it, where it”

“Katie McMinn's single, "Fly" has great sound quality and music production value (who recorded this song?) and I really love the fast-frame segments of the music video. The song is well-crafted and will ring through to certain market segments of female music fans. I really enjoy the use of the jimbe, trumpet and background vocals. I would recommend this music video and single to fans of artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or Patty Griffin...”

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“Local singer-songwiter uses work as domestic violence preventer to inspire song”

"She writes very catchy songs," said Herriman resident Jana Edgington, who along with her 8-year-old daughter, Sammie, counts herself as a McMinn fan.

"Katie has such a stellar vocal range. Her song, “Fly” and “Sleep Through it” emits deep emotions for anyone who has loved or been hurt by those they love. Each song displays an aura of an accomplished musician ready to break out into the pop music world. I would recommend this album to anybody who love music with soul".