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“Popdust Premiere: "Mercy" - Katie G Fifteen year-old NY vocal powerhouse Katie G brings it with a forceful cover of Shawn Mendes's"Mercy" Katie G is the fifteen year-old crossover of Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood. Raised near New York City, Katie G has been steeped in both pop and country influence, an artist representing the internet generation of genre-bending stars like Post Malone and Lil Yachty. Her latest video, premiering exclusively on Popdust, is her cover of Shawn Mendes' "Mercy" and it's powerful. Her voice carries the sentimental melody over a more fast-paced version of the Shawn Mendes instrumental. The emotional quality of the original is all there with a nuanced grace that matches her upscale fashion."”

“Nashville’s own young yet powerful country artist, Katie G, released her newest hit, “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” on May 11th of this year. This edgy track with a sweet demeanor is winning over the hearts of listeners all across the globe with it’s message of independence and individuality for girls everywhere. The empowering message portrayed in the lyrics by Katie G reflect the strength in today’s female youth, similar to artists such as Demi Lovato who break the societal barriers that surround us continuously as a whole. “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” beautifully conveys a message of strength and unity through it’s enriching lyrics, backed up with a beat that can lighten up anyone’s mood in the room.”

"Don't Call Her Cinderella" review: The song has a nice feeling. It is due to the stunning vocal of the artist and simple guitar instrumental. The artist sings with sweet melody. She sang with style which is unique. She is very skillful as she can sing in different tone of vocal amazingly. She really impresses and has the potential to success commercially. Sweet.

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“Doobie says, “It’s wholesome with a hip quality that parents and children alike will enjoy listening to on the way to school. Play it during those primetimes for maximum potency!””

"Don't Call Her Cinderella" review: The energy in the harmonies and melodies seem like they were made for her. The singer has her own style on the way she sings, very professionally at that. That singing style is really a fun and uptempo quality.

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“Today, she released her first single from that Nashville trip: Just a Kiss (written by Zac Maloy and Katie G.). The results? Amazing! WARNING: The chorus is contagious. I've been singing it non-stop for days and driving my family crazy!”