Kathryn Toyama - Solo Piano / Press

“Nominated for Solo Piano Album of the Year 2010 - Contemporary & Modern Category”


“Only the true Spirit, could ever direct the hands, that learn from the heart, that become a child. Kathryn Toyama has captured the essence, in essence, our Essence, and in essence, has captured His heart. Never have I heard such peace and hope, Hope for Harmony. Peace, Hope and Love, all in one. Please listen . . .”

Eric McCarl - Weaving Libra Records

“Kathryn's music gives credence that there is hope to be found, no matter what the situation. Her wish is to touch but one heart and let fate do the rest. She has touched mine.”

R.J. Lannan - New Age Reporter

“Spellbinding. Poetic and evocative piano music. Unforgettable melodies which are beautiful and passionate.”

CD Jam

“Graceful and sweeping, emotionally compelling...the music seduces our souls over the course of 18 tracks, bringing the listener along a spiritual journey that reaches out to universal peace through acceptance and tolerant understanding.”

Jonathan Widran - The Fabulous Woman.com

“I found myself imagining walking through the woods, seeing the forest and woodland creatures completely at peace. It could also be the background of the emotional awakening scene in a movie.”

Taylor Rhodes - Feminist Review

“Your music continues to bless my life, and provide comfort, healing, and peace to many friends and family members who have listened to your music. Truly the most beautiful music I've heard.”

Justin St. Vincent - Xtreme Music

“'Hope For Harmony' is a gorgeous debut from pianist/composer Kathryn Toyama. Gentle, subtle, and very soothing, the eighteen tracks flow from one to the next as a seamless whole yet hold up beautifully as individual pieces.”

Kathy Parsons - Solo Piano Publications

“Passionate yet serene ... setting a mood of quiet yet intense peacefulness ... so effortlessly floats on a cloud of sound.”

Kathy Parsons - Solo Piano Publications