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Kathryn F. Hoxie / Press

“What a beautiful night, special thanks to Bridget Bartolini for creating and curating such a special event at The Bronx Museum of Art, each time I've been to Bronx Stories it has been very special and getting to feature there this evening was an honor, thanks to RepH Star and Patty Dukes for running a great show along with powerful performances, to Christ IS for his important work, to Kathryn F Hoxie for her music and heartfelt beautiful shared experience.”

“Last night's Bronx Stories had a powerful message about perseverance, about not losing heart. A special thanks to Rock Wilk, Kathryn F Hoxie, Christ Is, and Patty Dukes and RepH Star of Circa NineFive for your stories, poems, music, and powerful insights. A huge thank you to all of our open mic participants, and to everyone in the audience for your positive energy and support. It warms the heart when so many wonderful people come together. This was an incredible season finale. WE WILL BE BACK IN THE FALL! Check Facebook for updates.”

“Last night's Bronx Stories left me with a happy heart, and with too many people to thank. Mad love to all my friends and family, Bronx Museum staff, and everyone who took part in Bronx Stories. A special thank you to the artists RepH Star, Patty Dukes, Rock Wilk, Kathryn F Hoxie, & Christ Is, and open mic contributors Bobby Gonzalez, Angel Rodriguez, Sandra Ivette Diaz, and Ibrahim Asad Siddiq for your inspiring words. I feel so lucky to know all of you. I'm looking forward to more nights like this with the next season of Bronx Stories!!”

“In life you must be humble and respect those who support you and your dream. Special thanks to:Josiah Spellman, StudioBug Berkel, Deejay Mike Major, Louis J. Ortiz, Domo Banks, Tye Jacobs, Lakrush Hearts, Kathryn F Hoxie, Cocoa Brown, D.j. Tommy Gunnz, Tonya Burrell, Khrisnor Hinds, Ken Murph, St-Ray, Junz, Jemz, Ernesto Garcia, Conzales Puchie, Jose Figueroa and so many more!!”

“I keep listening to your song. It's really good. This weekend I have discovered some amazing new artist in the music realm. You being one of them. I wish you continued success, and again, thank you for sharing with us last night. I can't wait to see you perform a full show!”

“Bravo Kathryn F Hoxie this is looking great... The message loud and clear "We all are Screaming to be Free" let your voice be heard. Check it out!!”

“I had so much fun and a great time with you too KFhox! You the bomb baby and your spirit and energy it the best! :)) We gotta do this again soon like today or tomorrow or something. Lets get it! :)) Holla! :))”

“@Mister_Stylez: @KFHox ran the show like a professional !! I had a great time!”

“Bxrecords Presents was off the hook. Congrats to prymecity and twin towers. @KFHox @BxRecords @MAJORMINCRADIO”

“OMFG @KFHox almost made me shed a tear. She is killing it!!!”

“1111 @KFHox get em >:/”

“@KFHox Great performance tonight... I enjoyed every minute...”

“@KFHox @yamommashouseho k fox is the f*cking truth good job”

“I gotta get @KFHox in the record”

“Congratulations to BX Records and KFHoxie for another stunning event. Looking forward to more things to come”

“Kathryn F Hoxie, aka KFHox, I think it goes without say, but you did a phenomenal job last night at Bruckner Bar & Grill. It’s a pleasure to have you apart of the PCC family. Furthermore, special shout out to the other acts that contributed to an awesome night. Shout Out to @PRYMECITY @Bryan Keith BX Records Presents: KFHox & Friends, and everyone that worked hard to make the night a complete success.”

“So proud of you! You are an Inspiration!!”

“‎@Ricky_Flores: @KFHox threw in the No longer in the screaming to be free title cause you looked really happy. Thx for the impromptu shoot!”

“Had a wonderful night at bruckner bar and grill. Kat you rock. I love you and keep going girl because God blessed you with a gift and you are headed straight to the top. Nu-nu I had a blast boo.”

“You killed it tonight Kat thanx so much for having me we gotta talk about playing out together. thanx again and God Bless :)”

“Had an amazing night thanks to Kathryn for the event you were amazing :) keep on rocking girly ♥ love ya”

“IT WENT DOWN TONIGHT!! Bruckner Bar and Grill was the place to be... Kathryn F Hoxie Aka KFHox did her thang!! It was incredible! You rocked it out girl! Amazing job! Love you, thanks for shouting me out like 3,000 times along with Young Pryme City ;) ”

“Thank you for letting me perform at the show. Is it wrong to say I have a crush on you? lol. Kidding. Once again, thanks and your show and performance was excellent.”

“Shout out Kathryn F Hoxie for letting me perform tonight, she had an amazing show. And I thank Aixa Lee Rosario for coming through as a surprise. lol. Thank you guys so so much. :)”


“one word only AWSOME GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!”

“It was a great event!!!!!' I'm so happy that I was offered the opportunity to take part in it. It was my pleasure meeting you and I know great things are in store for you....:-).”

“That's what's up!! the only people I've seen grind harder than you were Jamaicans on da dance floor!! LOL!! DON'T QUIT!!”

“Great shot! She has a fantastic voice!”

“Hey Kathryn it was great playing together last night at the Bitter End you rocked it! See you soon and hope to do it again sometime! peace & love”

“Beautiful song!!! Beautiful voice! Love it!!! Good luck Kathryn!”

“My beautiful friend's first single on her album! So proud of her!! Enjoy :)”

“Hey FreedomBorn let's give a warm welcome to K Fhox. She Is a real special artist doing her thing out of NYC right now. Great music, phenomenal lyricist, and just overall good peeple. So make her feel at home, we al F.A.M anyway. Let's get it.”

“Kathryn F Hoxie, aka KFHox, you were AWESOME last night. Thanks for letting me get my groove on with you and Nefetari Veronica Pinnock aka Neffie the KeyMaster. And congratulations on advancing to the next round in The ParkSide Battle of the Bands!”

“yo your video gave me goosebumps. I like very much!”

“Kathryn, I love the song and the video, great work love”

“Your story amazes me. I understand your motivation and drive. You go girl!!”

“I love the message the song sends. Nice work.”

“Congrats to Bomb Baby Unlimited Extended Family Kathryn F Hoxie a.k.a KFHox on reaching 1000 likes and officially releasing her debut video "Screaming To Be Free" to the world. We love you and were proud of you.”

“I'm so happy for you and your seemingly limitless energy to do what you love...wish the best for you!”

“check out @KFHox from the Bronx her voice is beautiful. "Screaming to be free" love it. ”

“Bought a new CD last night. KFHox ( Kathryn F Hoxie) Light Shine on Me...forgive me if the title is wrong (CD's in my player!) but the title is pure and true. This young talented woman has the right idea when it comes to putting her thoughts and ideas to music. A bright Light. A beautiful soulful voice. A promised future...”

“Check out my friend Katie making her dreams come true! Congratulations Kathryn F Hoxie :-)”

“I went to high school with KFHox. I always knew she would be famous. Amazing video, Katie!”

“Cool video Kathryn! Congrats!”

“The video is AMAZING!!! Love the scene in front of the waterfall and the shot at the end. You're ready for the big time. Keep rockin it girl!!! xoxoxo Greg and I both woke up this morning with Screaming to be Free running through our heads! And I dreamed about your cupcakes last night, hehe. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you - you and your determination are an inspiration!”

“BIG S/O to the homie KFHox! I was privileged to watch as she got her 1000th "like"...Very proud of you Hoxie! You deserve it! You the hardest working person in any business LOL! Check out the video!!!”

“Kat! Lovin' the new video... very sincere- lyrically and visually always refreshing to see everyday, real people in videos.”

“KFHox / Kathryn F Hoxie , you put on a Great show tonight. Awesome songs with a great stage presence. Keep up the good work. Best Regards, President / CEO | \pō-‘e-tik\ clothing company”

“It's so awesome, Katie! I love it - thank you for allowing me to share in this. I'm proud to support you for always!”

“Thank you Kathryn! That's very sweet of you to say, and congrats on coming so far in such a short amount of time! Marc and I are very happy for you and we can't wait to see what you'll accomplish next! :)”

“Hey, U are an inspiration to those who have a dream! I am so proud of what you accomplished in one year. We love you Kathryn.”

“yo k, u rock..... dont forget the lil peeps wen u make it big lol...”

“I love it! You look beautiful Kat! :)”

“This video is so you! Sending blessing everyday! One Love”

“Less than a year a go we met Kathryn, a talent with a dream. People like her dont come around often. Check her out and you will see what I mean.”

“I love this song! So much soul and depth with an awesome beat. Looks like someone found her voice and she continues to inspire me to find mine. <3 U Katie!”

"Screaming to be Free", Kathryn F Hoxie, feeling this track woman. #AWESOMENESS

“Back With You by KFHox has been in my head for a couple of days. lol. #justsaying”

“Not only do I believe in you, I KNOW that you will be a huge success.”

“‎1 day, 27 hours, 1654 minutes and 99250 seconds until BX Records presents KFHox EP Release Party”

“Just wanted to say I'm soooo happy for you and for your release tomorrow!!! Your going to be great!”

“Hey great jammin w/ you the other night...really cool tunes. If you ever need a guitar player gimme a shout. Peace”

“Whatup Kat....I love the EP!! All 3 tracks are awesome....I am also a big fan of your band....All of 'em.....especially your maniac guitar hero...I love that guy. Talk to you soon, or see you at one of the shows...John Fig thinks I should get you to sing on some of my new song demos, but I think you may have outgrown us and left us in the dust.....See you soon!”

“You already know we fully support eveything you're doing!! Very proud of you!!! Do it big!!!”

“KFHox is one of the hardest working artists I've ever met EVER! Check her out December 15th she'll be rock'n the stage with myself and some other amazing artists and bands at The Bruckner Sessions”

“@KFHox i saw what u wrote about being single im been single like forever so as long as u got ur music and god and i got a friend like u xo”

“@KFHox it was a pleasure. I look forward to making good music with you”

“All of these songs are awesome of course, BUT the live version of Back with you is HOT - raw and beautiful”

“Nice job, lady! You're gonna go far! Don't forget us little people when you are super, duper famous! :-)”

“Absolutely AMAZING performance last night, so happy I could witness it! Congrats!!”

“I am sending you all my best wishes sweetie. Sorry I can't make it but you are in my thoughts”

“Best of luck today!!! It's been a long time coming!! :) xo”

“Hey fans! Please invite all your mates to "Like" KFHox and to this event! Its gonna be awesome! Thanks for your support!”

“Best wishes K , seen and heard you november 1 , thank you told you about ,,wild horses,, and your dream come true song , BELT 'EM OUT!!!! ”

“Hope the night was amazing! Congrats :-)”

“thanks for the tag in the pics..i had fun and the cd is great...”

“hey kat thanks again for the love. ur performance was amazin”

“Congrats on the EP release! Sorry I couldnt make it to the Release Party. For once, I am not being sarcastic.”

“‎11.11.11 was great...the whole team had a good time and you definitely killed it!”

“Going to bed feeling like your biggest fan! KFHox tee , EP in my room. Your business cards spread all over my room! Ahhh :) I'm YOUR biggest fan , Kupcake ;) You killed it too baby k! Gods light shines through you as much as it shines through me! You're mega inspirational !!!! Love that about you! Light shines through YOU , my Big Angel Sister (Forever and ever and ever ♥) you're the best ,baby k. LOVE YOU! Xoxoxo ♥”

“Addicted to "Over Now" Yeah buddy!”

“I had a great time last night. Great show. I will always be a supporter.I like your music. Your CD is tight. I will see you next show. :)”

“I was gonna ask how was last nite but from the looks of ya wall it must have been a great success. Im disappointed that I couldnt make it but as u should know I fully support u and im happy for u! Keep grinding!”

“Congratulations on last night, what a success!! I was really happy for you, you've worked your ass off and you deserve it. I finally met the famous B-Long btw haha cool dude. Hope everythings been goin good, you'd better keep in touch as time goes on...I wanna brag to my future kids that I was your guitar player and one point in history.”


“Great show, great performances, great outfits! you killed it girl! congrats!”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! wish i was there, but already i have heard what a wonderful success it was.....May God continue to bless ur efforts, and GOOD LUCK TO UR FUTURE!!!!!!!”

“Tonight was incredible!!!! I love you Kathryn :) Live performance of EP Songs was Sick! (:”

“Congratulations Kfhox! We love you and Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you! We are "Proud" to share in the celebration & release of your EP and video! Your dream is now a reality. May God continue to shine his light on you and may you be continually BLESSED!”

“RELENTLESS! THATS ME! Good Night Good People! God Bless! Congrats Kathryn F Hoxie!”

“We had a great evening, good drinks , Fantastic Music and then gifts. You totally Rocked it!!”

“S/O to Kathryn F Hoxie for allowing me to celebrate such a momentous time with her. God bless you sis! Joe Gl Joe Smart Great work fam! Pierre Toasters, Brian Kopilak, JT Maple it was great to see you guys. S/o to the dopest band Gabe Smith, Marcos Robinson, Jayare Mckenzie, and Cemoy C Clarke you guys are CRAZY”


“CONGRATS KATIE!!! You are amazing, your EP is AMAZING!!!!!! 11-11-11!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! you're going PLATINUM xoxoxoxo Xoxoxoxoxoxxo!!!! You rock girl!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your light with the world!!!!!!!!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!”

“Co-MCing a CD release party tonight for the beautiful & talented Kathryn F Hoxie, including the debut of her music video, "Screaming To Be Free." Great job girl, so proud of you”

“KFHox EP release party tonight @ Remedies!!!...so proud of u sis ♥ u! xoxo ”

“Thought about you all day yesterday! I hope you had the best day ever yesterday! I can't wait to hear the whole EP and see the video! I love you and am so proud of you! Xoxo”

“Congrats on your album dropping today!”

“I am with you in spirit.”

“Have a great Kick off tonight!! Wish we could be there :) Can't wait to see video! <3”

“YAY!!! Congrats!! ♥”


“Good luck tonight boo!! Xoxoxoxoxo ♥”

“good luck today! ♥”

“Want you to know ill be thinkin of you tonight and hope you have a wonderful wonderful sensational time! I am working but there with you in spirit!”

“You go sister friend. Although there is a lotta miles between us, you will be in my thoughts & prayers tomorrow! Break a leg!!!”


“Good Morning. Hope all is well with you during this week. I heard your singing in videos and must say you have a strong, soulful and sexy voice. God bless & wish you on much more success!”

“Friday 11-11-11.....I am fortunate enough to be performing 2 Black River songs at KF Hox's EP release show at: Remedies 1890 Eastchester Ave. in Da Bronx....come see our friend Kathryn F Hoxie perform her killer new single "Screaming to be Free" along with her new video....believe me, this girl is gonna be a star.....I am only one of a group of NYC artists playing that night, so come out to the Boogie down and check it out....show starts at 8.....come through and enjoy some amazing music!”

“KFHox - What an amazing performance last night at The Attic Lounge - You have a wonderful voice and I love your original music. I am very excited about your 11.11.11 event. Looking forward to staying in touch!”

“Kathryn with that the sound of the north and the soul for everyone caught me with her outgoing personality ...I love this picture all the positive energy it throws of to everyone. This soul has a heart of everything she enjoys and lives life she is an awesome artist....Lifts spirits and is an eye-fill to sunshine........Ya all enjoy this and look for her to visit the Carolin-as.....”

“It was nice meeting you last night and I enjoyed listening to your voice!”

“Kathryn F Hoxie is by far our favorite Neo-Soul/Rock Star/super crooner! Her much anticipated EP "Light Shines Through Me" is already creating waves across the net and will soon be changing lives across the world!and soon it will be! Please support her incredible work by visiting the links to Like/Follow/Share. Support great music. Support dreamers turning skeptics to believers!”

“You've been in my prayers ever since we met. You are an amazing young woman and have a very promising future! You are a light Kathryn in a very dark world! Shine on!”


“You were ALL amazing yesterday. Thanks so much for being there, for sharing your beautiful voice and the terrific musical talent of the Boroughs. Everyone commented on how special it made the day. Hope to hear you all again soon.”

“It was great seeing you! You have always been an ambitious girl and I look forward to what your life has in store for you!! Keep on rocking girl!! :)”

“Hey kathryn, Love the music, very hip. There's alot of head bopping going on here. keep it up soul sister.”

“Incredible talent, you already know im a huge fan”

“I think you're fabulous and talented! Keep on rocking with that voice that God gave you :)”

“Everyone go follow @KFHox and listen to her music!!”

“I am definitely going to check out your work and very happy your doing what you were born to do I knew you would make it one day.”

“Oh my God I would be honored to work on your original!!!! That just made me teary-eyed!!! All that you're doing means so much to me, I feel like you alone are making my dreams come true :-*) thank you for being so amazing and so motivating!!!”

“I get tired just reading your schedule. But then I get excited to see you on my favorite tv shows. Yay. Happy for you and all these bookings!”

“Oh man...pls put the rollers back in your hair and attempt to catch a cab in times sq with your spandex shorts cuz THAT was hilarious! LoL”

“congrats congrats yer bx's hardest wrkin actrzzz”

“K so not to be like stalkerish, but for some strange reason I woke up at 630a today. With nothing to do, I have been fb, um, stalking if you will. With that said, I have been watching ur videos and I can not take my eyes off of u! U are doing such a great job, and in the most long winded way, I wanna tell you how proud of you I am!! Keep it up! ♥”

“Nice video....and you're right....life is what happens when you're busy making other plans...facebook...twitter...blogging. and meetvids....you on it all...cool.”

“GREAT PICTURES, Katie!!! You are our beautiful star!!”

“Stay busy girl, it's inspiring!”

“Fabulous, Katie..such talent!”

“Wow Katie, awesome. Love it and love you. Keep up the good work.”

“I miss you! You and your singing always makes me smile!”

“Awesome, Katie! I always think of you fondly when I hear that song! Still remember when you did it at the Mai Tai”

“That's a tough song but damn u did it gurl!!!! more!”

“Sounds great Katie!”

“I think the girl can SING!!! Beautiful!”

“It came out awesome and you sound amazing :)”

“That was amazing!!! You are amazing!! :)”

“That's my girl god bless you baby you got this ;-)”

“Cant wait to hear the songs boo! xoxo”

“Its amazing. keep it up you. are a star! love you Kat”

“Katie, you are so talented. I'm so happy for you! I listened to your you tube of you singing, you gave me goosebumps! You have a gift. I'm so happy you are following your passions! I'm rooting for you and cheering you on! Can't wait to see your Monster video, so frigging awesome! :) xo Rachele”

“Katie, I didn't think anyone had a better voice than Alicia Keys but your cover of "Fallin'" is better than the original.”

“oooooouuuu......some kind of powerhouse vocals goin' on:-)......thanks for sharing the talent at our Campus Ministries' coffee house!”

“wow girl!! i had no idea you could sing like that!!!”

“I am looking forward to the finished project I believe you are Sensational!”

“Will be one of the first to buy your EP ;-) have fun in the studio”

“I work everyday to instill the thought of dreams in my students and to follow their heart! It's amazing that you are working to fulfill your childhood dreams! I wish I could do more! xoxo”

“I wish I could do more but I know you will make it! I think you are amazing and I believe in you! Its not often that I have a friend who is as genuine and kind hearted as you.”

“I wanna hear some more!”

“Wishing you the best of luck! So proud of you for going after your dreams! Got get em!!!! :)”

“MISS YOU! So proud of all your accomplishing!!!”

“Big shout out to KFHox on her first session on a ROCKFREE Circuit in NYC. Keep up the great work!”

“Kathryn your awesome! You have an amazing singing voice and I'd listen to your songs over and over!”

“You'll be great... I just know it... I can just tell that you have a good supporting cast! "See you at the top!"”

“Making my donation today!!! Best of luck to you sweetheart. Dreams grow on trees. Pick one that's ripe!”

“Xoxo Katie!!!! I can't wait to hear your beautiful amazing voice!!!! You ROCK!!!!! I still remember the first time I heard you sing, in the 8th grade....gives me goosebumps! You have got a gift!!!! I'm so happy I can say that I saw one of your first performances :) you are truly an inspiration! Thank you for inspiring me!!! Xoxoxoxo Can't wait to hear your EP!!!!! ”

“I am so unbelievably proud of you!!!!! I can't wait to hear that music! xoxo”

“Congrats KFHox. You are a very blessed artist. I pray nothing but blessings come your way. Take care and Congrats once again”

“when i get sum extra money, i want a copy of that cd but it must be autographed :)”

“Time to launch into your destiny......can't wait to hear the finished product......glorious gift!”

“This is so exciting, Katie! So glad you made it! Can't wait to see what you do!!”

“Katie, thank you for delivering your powerhouse vocals and captivating presence at Heritage Fest yesterday! You were fantastic! See you at convocation mass!”

“Hey there! Can not wait for your EP!!”

“So excited for you! Looking forward to hearing your EP!! :)”

“Congrats Hoxie!! So proud of you! You did it!!”

“Greg and I were away in the mountains from Thursday morning until Sunday night. On Friday I looked at him as the snow was pouring down outside, and said "I hope Katie achieved her goal." He said "I bet she did!". How nice to get back to civilization and find out that your tribe rose up and gathered around you and supported you when you asked for it. You shine, girl.”

“keep doing your thing babe you rock like always”

“Woo hoo, belt it out girl!”


“You guys killed it! So proud to know such talented people!”

“We had an amazing time playing Father's Day evening at Coqui Mexicano. The people there are beautiful, so friendly AND the food there was amazing. A big shout out to KFHox and Brian Long for letting us join you guys. Brand of Julez really appreciates everything you have done and all the help, much love ♥”

“Hey!! :) It was great seeing you last night. Me and the guys thought you did amazing, definitely worth the wait. Glad we're doing some shows together. Hope to do more shows together in the future. Thank you ♥”

“great set of pipes! was great getting to hear you and chat with you! keep me posted on your events and I know I will be seeing you perform again soon!”

“Heya! So what date are startin a the world tour? You so should do one! Come to Nowra, Australia! After your show, Ill shout you a massive mighty feed at maccas... It would be so worth it just to see you!”

“Big thank you to KFHox for all of her support! Thanks for believing in me and helping me push through even when i didn't make it that far with any of my auditions! You stood right there and told me not to be sad,God was with me. Love you girl! I also wanna thank the people that like my band page!!! Stay tuned ;) -DArroyo ♥”

“What a voice! I really got into your version of "Wild Horses". Check us out at Zelgrata.”

“So happy for you babies you got it Hun amazing!!!”

“This sounds completely ready for the radio!!! Wow, you should be so proud of yourself, Katie! In my mind, I see the music video on a rooftop in NYC. Keep at it, girl~”

“@KFHox girl i want u to get sign by a label finally u have talent and i believe in the talent u have in your eyes since i meet u in july”

“@KFHox KFHOX U killed it..”

“@KFHox went in yesterday let's go!!”

“StudioFlo in 16hrs...that means i have 13 to figure this shit out! Grrrrrr RT @KFHox @BreyKing Hoxie 1. Sleep 1. Tie breaker tonight.”

“@KFHox jus wrapped up the first single for Ms. K. Hox and @ChrisJCam lets go @werinvaderz ”

“I truly think its great when artists support each other, more people need to be doing the same - props out to @KFHox”

“@KFHox you're song back with you is amazing! You are such a talent! <3”

“@KFHox you're awesome lol thats all (^_^)”

“@KFHox Thank you babe! Great song - love what you're doing! Be sure to listen next week!!!!”

“@FireIceSports glorious show this evening. shoutouts to @KFHox for her musical contribution and @tsunamisimmons for his meteorological humor”

“Shoutout to my girl @KFHox #Grinding”

“Another amazing track by the ever talented @KFHox: Check out a sneak preview of "Screaming To Be Free" by Kathryn ...It's TRULY inspired us, and I have no doubt that it will have the same impact on so many others! Each day we find a new reason to be impressed by you and your incredible talent.”

“TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT Remedies Lounge presents KFHox...so if you wanna see a great live show preformed by a very talented artist Remedies is the place to be tonight!!!!! Dont miss it.”

“If you've not yet experienced the incredible talent of Kathryn F Hoxie you are LONG overdue! Her music is swiftly becoming the soundtrack to our day. PLEASE support her work by going to the links to "Like"/Follow/Share. Support great music! Twitter: KFHox Facebook: www.facebook.com/kfhoxband#!/kfhox, www.facebook.com/kfhoxband Web: www.kfhox.com”

“@KFHox I'm excited for you HoxieCotton! You Did It!!! Goal met! #LetsWork”

“Can't wait to until @KFHox music is released!!”

“This girl is awesome and gifted singer #follow @KFHox”

“While this isn’t the first time I've seen her perform, her song "Back with you", never ceases to give me chills. I've always been a lyric person, and the lyrics to this song definitely hit the spot. I look forward to hearing more. ”