Kathleen Kruze and Friends / Press

"Kathleen Kruze is a Brookfied Singer-songwriter who seamlessly melds folk, blues, jazz and soul styles with upbeat original lyrics, catchy backing beats and a pop diva's vocal ability. Kruze is a prolific composer who has written over 250 songs in genres from folk and pop to R & B, Latin and funk. Her songwriting style has been compared to Carole King, Maria Muldaur, Van Morrison, Santana and the Beatles. Kathleen is backed by famed talent who lend their considerable skills to the project... but it is Kruze's warm vocals that give the record it's pulse. A stand-out is the opening track, "To Be Understood", a power Jazz ballad which sees her crooning about choosing happiness despite life's many trials and tribulations."

Erik Ofgang - Danbury News-Times

"We have realized that our styles complement one another...Kathleen has a very big heart and is always organizing charitable events and benefit concerts with her music," Ali Ryerson, World renowned Jazz flutist/Brio Flute Spokewoman and fellow band member.

Ali Ryerson, Jazz Flutist - Brookfield Journal