Kathleen Grace / Press

“smart, alluring and evocative”

The Washington Post

“to listen is to fall long and hard into a well of wonders… Grace reminds me of early day mavericks like Tom Rapp, Dory Previn, Janis Ian, Gram Parsons, and others, composer-singers who stepped beyond the periphery while holding tightly to tradition, yanking the borderlines out further by inches, miles, and more”

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“Kathleen Grace learned an appreciation for music among the tumbleweeds of AZ and something of that ethereal desert town coats each tune on this album with a layer of dust. Echoes of Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris' Tucson indebted Western Wall reverberate on this record.”


“an instinct for classic country charm… a gorgeous album”

Tucson Weekly

“Here are a couple of platters (Dolly Parton and Kathleen Grace) that in their own ways stretch the parameters of that notoriously conservative field known as country music…Grace and her combo… navigate that it’s-there-but-elusive common ground between forlorn country soul, honky tonk bounce, and elastic jazz balladry. She’s something special, someone to watch.”

Philladelphia ICON Magazine

“Voice like jazzy English church bells… In the past, I have sat on my very own patio, listening to Grace on the stereo, begging her not to ever stop. Lately she’s been making jazzy interpretations of country music… Haunting steel-guitar riffs crossed with Grace’s jazz-infused interpretations? Pure buttah.”

Los Angeles Times

“Singer mixes styles to create her own sound… (a) hybrid of country, jazz and classic torch songs”

“Both country music and jazz fans tend toward exclusionary, elitist attitudes. Perhaps they need Kathleen Grace in their lives. She found a place to fall between the two separate worlds. 5 stars”


“Kathleen Grace has the potential to be one of the best singer/songwriters since Rickee Lee Jones…This may well be one of the most important releases of 2014”

Critical Jazz