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“Review of " I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW " : It's a scintillating album...Kathleen is a first-rate revisionist and a beautiful singer.”

Rita Di Ghent, Canadian jazz artist, vocalist/composer and educator

“Toronto-based Kathleen Gorman wears several cloaks. She is a composer, singer, pianist, and arranger. Gorman sings with a compact sense of rhythm and development, letting her creative sense light a fire under the songs. What emerges is an expressive singer who is at home in jazz, blues and the gentle folds of a ballad.”

"A brilliant composer and lyricist, the talented Kathleen Gorman invites us on a journey of the heart, exposing universal intimacies which resonate from the opening note of "Brand New Day"to the closing instrumental,"Ain't The Way". Soulful, poignant and uplifting. .......one of the best new original albums of the year. " -- Paula Arab, Calgary Herald Columnist / Editorial Board.

Paula Arab - The Calgary Herald

“ " Her voice has a certain sophistication and grace: A beautiful, refined and elegant instrument which conveys love and a certain sense of longing. Ms. Gorman is a song stylist who has crafted her very own, singular approach to the art of singing...." ”

“ “Kathleen is a talented vocalist, accomplished pianist and a very polished composer. Stay tuned.......” - Chuck Bolger, ”Jazz or Something Like It”, 91.7 FM WMUH Allentown, PA, USA. ”

Chuck Bolger, WMUH FM radio - Jazz..or Something LIke It.

“Review of " BRAND NEW DAY "CD: "The songwriting is solid and mature, the vocal expression is just fantastic......An interesting combination of tunes--lots of colors and textures creating the perfect aural journey for the listener." -”

Mitch Goldfarb, Producer/Engineer, Lou Rawls, George Benson, Eddie Gomez,

“The self-produced debut CD by Torontonian Kathleen Gorman is a polished gem that offers solid songwriting, thoughtfully presented. Plenty of dedication is on display here, from the catchy songs to their tasteful arrangements to the leader's strong delivery on both vocals and keys. Gorman has also written some great charts for top-drawer Canadian players. On the two instrumental pieces, Gorman's fingers do the singing, especially on the radiant Rialto. The songs on "Brand New Day" appear to come from a deep place; thankfully, Kathleen Gorman has succeeded in conveying their universality. ”

Ori Dagan - Wholenote Magazine, Toronto

"BRAND NEW DAY - and indeed Kathleen Gorman's music in general - is the precise point where jazz meets smart pop. The songs are every bit as good as the playing - and that's saying a lot, when one takes a look at the talented players on board." - Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio, Toronto

"Survival" featured on FRESH AIR with Mary Ito and Mark Rheaume, Dec. /09 - CBC Radio Toronto