Katey Laurel / Press

"Katey Laurel has arrived. [Periscope is] a solid batch of tunes that recall the work of Shawn Colvin or Natalie Merchant on the softer side and Katie Herzig on the more upbeat side." - Dave Herrera,

“The Denver singer’s voice can only be described using one word – dynamic.”

“Katey's voice is pure magic, and her talent is undeniable.”

“Very well crafted songs.”

Jerry W. Henry, Jerry's Music Review - Tannehill Trader, McCalla, AL

“A honey-voiced singer/ songwriter along the lines of Sarah McLachlan, Ingrid Michaelson and Emmylou Harris, Denver- based musician Katey Laurel’s latest EP “From Here” is a delight. Keep your eye on this up-and-comer.”

Jeffrey Sisk - The Daily News, McKeesport, PA

“'Everything I Love' makes a perfect soundtrack to an intimate Valentine’s Day walk outside, candlelight dinner or ferry ride across the river.”

“It is absolutely a great addition to our station!”

Steve Furness, Music Director - 96.5 FM WCTG, Chincoteague, VA

“FROM HERE (produced by NEILSON HUBBARD) is a stellar eight-song EP that proves that one of alt-country's finest new voices and writers is here to stay.”

“Every single song on 'From Here' has got heart, which proves that Laurel is as genuine as they come.”

“Produced by Nielsen Hubbard (Glenn Phillips [Toad the Wet Sprocket], Kate York), From Here sounds like it was crafted specifically for the AAA/Americana and adult contemporary crossover radio stations it is already making inroads onto.”

“What's not to love about the talented and beautiful Katey Laurel?”

“Listeners might compare her voice to Quinn Fabray of Fox TV's Glee (played by Dianna Agron) meets Colbie Caillat.”

“Denver's Katey Laurel has songs with a beauty in them that deserve a listen.”

“Katey Laurel has one of those unmistakable voices that is instantly recognized.”

“Laurel’s unique sound is one that will operate as a blueprint for further work in the singer-songwriter genre.”

“LOVE your stuff!”

Jeremy Padgett, On Air Talent / Executive Producer - Dom & Jane Morning Show - Mix 100.3- KIMN FM, Denver CO

“What a great song! (regarding “The Wheel”)”

Laura Slavin, Music Dept. Liaison - Pacifica Radio KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston, TX

“‘From Here’ - the song is a bullet to the heart; very true and honest!”

Stacy Price - fellow Denver musician, teacher and performing artist

“She has a perfect grasp on social media, and DIY spirit that’s unmatched.”

“Katey Laurel, Singer/Songwriter, is the"Voice of the Week."”

"If confidence and an 'as a matter of fact' tone are any indication, look out, Pop World, here she comes."

"I've heard the Natalie Merchant comparisons with Katey, but my vote is Aimee Mann on a sweet little hayride."

"Laurel has all the bittersweet soul of Macy Gray and poetic musing of Natalie Merchant."

Jeremy Johnson - The Metropolitan

"Laurel's alternately wispy and husky voice makes a greater impression when it's operating in darker settings, as on "Earthquake" and "See-Through."

"Katey Laurel’s voice is like a ripe piece of delicious fruit. Listening to it can seem more an experience of flavor than sound. Moreover, she is so comfortable with it that her tendency is simply to let it come out of her mouth, like an exhalation. She never belts. Doesn’t need to."

"With a warm, unforgettable voice and an ability to connect with listeners that's a little unreal, Katey Laurel's debut album slips into the top 40 quietly at the end of the year, but once you hear this young lady you won't be able to put her CD down."

"This is the freshest album I've heard in a long, long time, and an instant favorite."

Alan Haber - Pure Pop Radio--WEBR, Fairfax, VA

"Think Joan Baez fronting 10,000 maniacs hanging out with James Blunt in the studio and you get an idea of her soaring, smooth resonance."

Colorado Music Buzz, Denver, CO

"A natural born singer-songwriter...Kate has a voice like Emmylou Harris and a story-telling knack like the great Joan Baez."

Samantha Donen - The Vail Trail

"Kate Laurel Smith's biggest fans are people just like her. They are teenagers and twentysomethings who are trying to carve their own paths while trying to ignore a world of voices telling them to do more, do faster and do it all by age 30..."

Autumn Phillips - The Steamboat Pilot and Today, 4-Points

"Her debut album is a self-written, self-produced jewel."

The Tomahawk, Mountain City, TN