Kate Redgate / Press

“4 out of 5 stars - Maverick Magazine, UK”

Maverick Magazine

“Throughout Nothing Tragic Kate Redgate simply invites you into her life very openly and candidly and by the end of the album you feel like you have just spent an hour over coffee with an old friend.”

"...Backed by a talented five-piece band, Kate filled the theatre with her deep, rich voice and broad smile. The strength of her voice might only be surpassed by her soulful lyrics. Comparisons to the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde or Sheryl Crow wouldn’t be far off the mark..."

".....The cool thing about this is not just the music, but Kate Redgate. She is a humble single mother in love with life and music who knew that she had to do this. It takes courage to get this far, but what it really takes is unfailing belief and a mountain of hard work. If I worked for Nashville, I would have to say that this is what makes America great. I don't, so let me alter it to my own specifications. This is what makes "music" great. Welcome to the new music industry."

“The music on Nothing Tragic is a most engaging mix of country and blues with any lines between the two significantly blurred by her wonderful and expressive vocals, which are equally at home in both camps at once. She also plays acoustic guitar throughout and has written all 11 songs on the disc.”

"This is real music"

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