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“ You know that program on the local NPR station with the host who specializes in jazz you “can understand?” Well, North Little Rock-based chanteuse Kasie Lunsford would fit right in there — her metier is the sort of vocal jazz that values tone, texture and emotional drive over cool mathematical precision. She’s a warm, throaty singer with a lot of power and, on her second album, she solidifies her position as singer of pop-inflected standards while adding an additional dimension— she co-wrote two of the songs on the album, including (with keyboardist Rex Bell) the album’s title cut, an assertive ballad that allows her big instrument to blow. And while some might quibble with some of her cover selections — it’s difficult to discover something new in a tune as worked over as T-Bone Walker’s “Call It Stormy Monday” — in general Lunsford marries impeccable (if convenional) taste with genuine depth of feeling and an impressive mastery of her undeniable talent. —”

Philip Martin - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“What planet are you from?? OK - I can only tell you this: We would rate you in the ranks of Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston (RIP). The music was superb, but as soon as the voice hit - the heads began shaking in disbelief we're not listening to a seasoned mega-star. Hey - this is no ego booster, or anything else but the truth. It would be a Heavenly sin for you not to pursue this unbelievable gift full time.”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“Emily's Diary: Kasie's voice will capture your heart, soul, and imagination all at once, take you on a soft ride for a few songs, then some funk, then jazz, then rock's the house on the last song. An artist with no boundaries, and seemingly concurring them all with pure brilliance.”

Emilys Diary - Reverbnation

“your voice needs no studio tricks to touch it. It stands alone as pure magic. A producer can easily determine this when what he's listening to is sending non-stop chills through they're body. You're doing this as I listen - BRAVO my Friend, and God Bless you!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ World Renowned Musicians Headline Argentaʼs World Music Night Kasie Lunsford, accompanied by the Rex Bell Trio, brings a cross of traditional jazz standards and adult contemporary music from her self-titled album on Infrared Records. Kasie was a finalist in the 2009 Great Arkansas Talent Search. Rex Bell, renowned pianist and composer, has performed his original works to acclaim at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Infrared Records and the Argenta Arts Foundation are pleased to bring you this evening of diverse music by these world class artists. For more information, see: infraredrecords.com”

“MikeWhitePresents: absolutely riveting vocal work on these tracks..from the full-bodied big jazz sound of "chocolate" to the deep, soulful pulled-back style of "Cut"..your control and dynamic skill is stunning. That big string climax to "Cut" is inspired and gorgeous. Big respect to you and your talents!!”

Mike White - Reverbnation

“Second World: "Death by Chocolate" is really cool, the backing is jazz influenced but the vocals have a strong blues tinge that actually means they avoid a lot of the jazz "cliches" I expected to hear with a tune such as this. An excellent merging of styles creating a really strong artistic statement.”

Second World - Reverbnation

“: Yay! I have found a new voice that I adore to listen to. You have something very special! :)”

Karen Anderson - Reverbnation

“As soon as the first notes are played, you can clearly hear this is a very professional, well produced band. The voice is so full and beautiful, and the music behind the voice is just as powerful. Seven Days is now a BIG fan! ”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ . . “Singing just makes you happy and I love doing it, even if it’s in the shower or in the car on the way to work,” Lunsford said. “When things are not going smoothly in your life, it can be an escape if only just for a moment or even therapeutic. If I can evoke half as much of an emotional response in others that music gives to me, it would mean the world to me to be able to touch their lives in that way.” . “I hope it touches people and shows them that they aren’t the only one going through whatever it is they’re going through. You can remember where you were and what you were doing when you listen to a song. Knowing that someone remembered the lyrics to my song would be amazing to me!””

“ Kasie Lunsford’s eponymous debut album December 25, 2010 Kasie Lunsford is an Arkansas-based jazz singer with pop tendencies who has just released her first album on North Little Rock’s Infrared Records. It’s a collection of nearly familiar cover songs (such Sia’s “Lentil,” Natalie Merchant’s “Verdi Cries, ” Christian Contemporary artist Plumb’s “Cut” and the traditional blues “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” among others). It’s a solid singer’s album, with fine backing from Rex Bell on piano and organ, Joe Vick on upright bass, Dave Rogers on drums and crack session hands electric guitarist Robby Springfield and Tim Crouch on acoustic guitar, fiddle and mandolin. The album was produced by Eric Chesher. ”