Kashlee Clausen / Press

“Keep Rocking..you do it well! ”

“Kicking Ass Kashlee! Loving your shtuff girl, keep rocking on! Michael ”

“excellent music kashlee... girlierox”

“ you doing your thing like your style ”

“Kashlee Clausen to be heard on KKNT 960AM radio broadcast March 15th 2009”

“Kashlee makes the finals in Arizona's Chicks With Picks Music Fest contest on March 12th 2009!”

“You are rock solid! Your fans, FREERIDER”

“Lovin' mad on fire ”

"More local airplay of "Mad On Fire" by KA$HLEE Clausen on azoverload and blogtalkradio

“KA$HLEE Clausen get's airplay for her second tune, "We've Been Through This Before" on Jim Murphys Zoo 105.9 FM and the radiator.org”

“KA$HLEE Clausen is burning the airwaves with "Mad On Fire"”

“KA$HLEE Clausen receives local airplay of "Mad On Fire" on azoverload”

"Mad On Fire" receives more airplay!

“Kashlee Clausen Music gets more airplay on Jim Murphys Zoo 105.9 FM”

“Good Song it Rocks !listened to We've Been Through This Before and its a hit keep it up ”

“Kashlee Clausen Music has just had "Mad On Fire" released on Jim Murphys Zoo 105.9 FM”