Karybdis / Press

“Modern metal needs new heroes. As it becomes harder to spot diamonds twinkling in a murky, generic swamp of mimics and copycats, bands with the power, intelligence and style to drag the genre forward are more precious than ever. London’s Karybdis have long had something special about them: that hard-to-define essence of something better, something beyond. Formed in 2009, Karybdis grabbed the attention of the metal world with their debut album From The Depths. Released in 2012, it was a tour-de-force of ruthlessly contemporary but defiantly non-conformist extreme metal that embraced everything from the howling harmonies of the Gothenburg set to the brutish clatter of deep, dark hardcore. Bolstered by a concept fuelled by Greek myths and legends, it stood apart from the generic hordes by simply aiming higher than the rest. Subsequent live performances confirmed the potency of the band’s vision and collective will and despite their proudly self-sufficient, DIY approach”

Press Release 2016

“KARYBDIS Bio One of the toughest challenges facing any modern metal band is to stand apart from the homogenous masses and deliver a sound that offers something more than perfunctory ticking of boxes and trend-chasing mediocrity. With a sound that thrums and crackles with imagination and atmosphere, Karybdis have the substance to back up their technical skills. As showcased with breathtaking flair and finesse on their extraordinary debut album, From The Depths, this is crushing, forward-thinking heavy music that marries the savage riffing and percussive precision of death metal, groove metal and brutal hardcore to the epic sweep of ancient Greek myths and legends. A potent new hybrid driven by passion, power and the tireless pursuit of progress, From The Depths is as fresh and invigorating as any metal album in recent memory.”

Dom Lawson - Press Release

“London quintet Karybdis decimate any resistance with a full-on ear-rape in the form of their debut EP 'War For Land', this characterizes an insane mix of Melodic Death Metal and essentially Thrashcore to the sound. The music is mid-paced, heavy and brutal and the vocals are quick, snappy and exciting, all in all this is a great first attempt. Mixing a great array of breakdowns, riffs and sensational lyrics, the bad boys are set to shred the underground in half, definitely a band to watch out for, they will soon join the British Metal revolution with Malefice, The Dead Lay Waiting, Dyscarnate and Sylosis amongst others, the storm has only just begun.”

Global Metal Apocalypse

“'An international maelstrom of metal coming at you from all corners of the globe like a tag-team fisting'”

Russ Russell

“Front man Gil has the perfect vocal performance to front such a band reminding me of the ripping and distorted style of Unearths Trevor Phipps of. The musicians behind the voice show impressive eclecticism and technicality taking you from the deep Gothenburg riffs off At the Gates, Jazzy interludes of Opeth to the mind-fucking attitude of Meshuggah and SiKth. This Anglo-French-Indian quintet are out promoting their 2010 E.P. “War For Land” that will later be reviewed. Upon first listen this is something to get genuinely excited about and no wonder for reading their Myspace page shows an impressive drop of Metal credentials. Karybdis are out for total annihilation and I cannot wait to see this band take what's rightfully theirs at a time when Metal is stagnating under the influx of copy-cat bands and careless performances.”