Karuna / Press

“Every now and again an artist comes along that just has that … that thing. The thing doesn’t need to be described exactly as long as its there. LA-based songbird Lara Karuna definitely has that thing. Not the superficial, studio-created artist that seems to be so popular today, Karuna has a serious set of pipes to go along with that pretty face. In spite of suffering from a slight cold when I interviewed her, she didn’t flinch when I asked her to sing a cappella. The woman can just sing. Period. She’s got an awesome music page on Reverbnation.com. My favorite is “Just A Dream”. Fortunately for the music game, Karuna isn’t.”

“If Alicia Keys and P!nk's music had a baby, they’d pray she looked and sounded like Lara Karuna. This Oakland, California talent knows how to put songs together with the skill of a veteran songwriter and with the delicate touch of an angel. On every track she gives her all while boasting versatility, thus keeping listeners intrigued. ”

Reggie Altema - Bryan Farrish Radio

“Tonight we pay our respects towards rock/pop/souling Diva Karuna! This set of musicians rocks the Los Angeles turf with roaring guitars and creative blast beats from the drums and rattle sensations of the bass riffs, mix it all together and you get the dazzling vocals of Karuna herself giving her upbeat popping rock and roll style. Playing a 30 minute set list consists of several tunes off their latest LP "Not 4 Sale," such as "Choose You," "Don't Doubt," "In Love," and wrapping it all up with "Scream," getting the whole crowd hyped and excited full of high strung energy for the rest of the night.... ”