Karoline Rhett / Press

"Fact is, there are only so many ways that you can sing about love and the feelings that come with wanting it, but the trick is to find a way to do it that is fresh and new even though it’s been done before. Karoline has done that with “Save Your Heart” and because of it she becomes a new artist to keep an eye on"


"Rather than just delivering a captivating voice and enchanted releases that deliver an intoxicating breadth of Melody to cleanse and redefine excellence upon your aural palette, her charitable works and others-first approach has seen this Charleston, SC born bringer of joy and melodic imperatives rise to be the cream of the current crop of singers/songwriters."

“Few artists are surrounded by such an accomplished cast of musicians as Karoline was when recording “Stirring Rainbows,” but the veterans assembled because they believe in the quality, depth and potential of the promising singer-songwriter.”

“Possessing the poise and soulful grace of a veteran crooner when in front of a microphone.”

“Karoline has a voice that sounds older than her birth certificate, yet her ability to connect with her fellow age group is what makes the singer-songwriter a role model for teen girls.”