“The Value of X Maths? Science? Experimental Electro just got a degree. You already get the gist of this release by the band name and album title, so let's just sit inside the vehicle and go for a ride... From the opening track to the last, if all the references to Maths are intended, then Karl Heard is a genius in the making. Sampling is introduced with 'Dreamland' :- a much heavier, more urban style track. Kalkulus, so far is two things; instrumental, and minimal. However, this is laden with elements of surprise, to the point where if one track starts to become obsolete, the excitement of discovering the others overrides it. The album becomes easier to listen to, and quicker to absorb as it goes on, thus making listener focus a non-issue. 'Tangent' is a quirky ambient number, 'Manic' does exactly what it says on the tin, and i'll leave the remainder for your discovery. What then, is the value of X? Professor Heard has written a clever, professional, and absorbing album.”


"Music 4 Machine" opens rather much in the way of those classic Jean Michel Jarre tunes of the 1970's but there's what seems to be a hammer dulcimer playing along aswell. Then, all of a sudden it all starts to get a bit of a rave beat to it then, hello, before i can blink it turns into what i would describe as a truly inspired and intelligently crafted piece of techno. This would go down a storm in the dance tent at Glastonbury. I love it!

"Kalkulus has a great sound that really held my attention. A "serious" musician!