Karla Bauer / Press

“KC Sister Cities Association, KC Jazz Alive, and the Gospelkirche of Hanover are partnering together to bring Karla Bauer half way across the world for an international music artist exchange!”

Traute Koehler - KC Sister Cities Association

“Karla Bauer has been asked to return as feature speaker at the KCJazz Alive Musicians Assisting Musicians event!”

Macy Layne - KCJazz Alive

"The International Music & Entertainment Association extends a huge congratulations to Karla Bauer, winner of the 4th Annual IMEA Award for Jazz Song of the Year - "Isn't it a Pity" - a Nina Simone Tribute.

"Pandora adds new release, "Everything Must Change" to their radio playlist. Karla Bauer currently has two stations on Pandora radio."

Pandora Radio Submissions Team

“We were blown away by her vocals, personality and energy she injected into her performance. Karla was a true pleasure to work with and we would gladly have her back out to Kauffman Stadium in the future.”

Megan Wllborn, Manager Event Presentation - Kansas City Royals

"Congratulations! We published your Jazz Story and are featuring it on the All About Jazz home page today."

"Almotech adds Karla's songs from 'Hope is Alive' Christmas album to their in-store radio playlist." Almotech is a retail radio company playing music in-store at major retail locations in Ireland.

"Everything Must Change" - The Bauer voice is a low, I guess it would be called a contralto, and her delivery is convincing; her conviction is strong. Her articulation is true, and when she bends the "pity" in "Isn't it a Pity," you feel it, and then she builds a fabulous climax as well-twice-and then backs off for the close. This is a strong tribute to that particularly inspirational side of Nina Simone. The CD sets a nice mood, and when it gets into the second half of the program with the series of ballads I was fully engaged, and then they rock it out on "Chilly Winds Don't Blow," a super closer for Everything Must Change." See full feature in Jam Magazine

“Reverbnation.com has ranked Karla's Holiday album "Hope is Alive ~ A Time for Christmas" #1 on the Local and National Charts since it's release in 2010. All songs were written and performed by Karla.”


"Hope is Alive" has been nominated by IMEA organization for the 2014 "Holiday Album of the Year" and "Holiday Song of the Year". All Christmas songs were written and recorded by Karla.

"We’re kinda excited today because we just heard from our friend Karla Bauer, the multi-talented, award winning singer, songwriter, motivational speak and actress…..that she’s agreed to do a song on the soundtrack for our upcoming feature “Grace of the Father”.

"Karla is a delightful surprise. Her rich and sultry tone makes listening a guilty pleasure!"

Mindy Hart, Co-Host and Executive Producer of The Radio Dish

“Karla’s music is fresh and right on target for the demographic she’s trying to reach. It’s delivered with a smile and a sincere heart.”

Jerry Hutchinson, General Manager -- Owner Angel 95FM

“Nashville Radio Audience Votes Karla #9! Arise Radio Weekly Top 10 Each Friday. The Very Limited Brain Who Maintains Arise Radio likes to list the 20 tracks which received the highest number of positive reviews from the audience. In the list, the name of the artist or group is listed first, followed by the name of the track, and then the album name. Website information is also listed on the website for each artist or group.”

"Hope is Alive ~ A Time for Chrismas" is on sale at Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Hastings Entertainment, and Mardel stores.


“It’s Time for Christmas! The award-winning singer and songwriter has just released her first all-original Christmas CD titled, ‘Hope is Alive’. Your hearts will warm and your home will be filled with peace and joy this holiday season as Karla leads you through an incredible Christmas journey! ”

"Karla Bauer has won the '2010 BEST POP MUSIC ARTIST' award by the King Cat Christian Music (KCCM) Organization. She was nominated for the 2009 "SONG OF THE YEAR" award for her song "Always" and in 2008 was nominated as a Finalist for the 'ARTIST OF THE YEAR' award. She has what it takes to make it in this industry."

Connie Whitlock, President ~ King Cat Christian Music