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“So many words come to mind--Atmospheric, introspective, ethereal, evocative of each intended mood, nice clean production too. I like your vocal range, it's smooth across all registers, and it's not blasting on the high stuff, which I appreciate. (It's more like a dove floating than an eagle screaming, as I've heard in lots of other projects) Music not only of another time, but of a different mindset. It's not like, "Ok here's another batch of tunes aimed squarely at the pop market or whatever market" -- It's coming from you, your heart, your influences and what you love. And that's where creation is true and innocent, unaffected by what the market wants it to be. I enjoyed the semi-medieval flavors, classical sounds of several periods in music history. Melody, harmony, counterpoint, all with phrasing appropriate to the styles intended. Spot-on pitch by the way.”

“Kari Tieger’s latest album Illumination is a delightful combination of bouncy ... inspired pop and singer-songwriter sensibility. Don’t let the jaunty lightness of the sprightly music fool you. Much seriousness abounds from the lyrics Tieger has written and from the covers she has selected. While her especially lovely voice and dainty piano lines feel uplifting, she can be contemplating anything from isolation and sadness to the mysteries of the universe. [In] “Shine So Bright”'s ... charge of upbeat cheer and positive energy, you can picture knights galloping forth on their bright white stallions to bring happy news to the king. The cheerful mood spreads wide and deep, gives an insight in Tieger’s personality, and closes out her album on a very happy note that will leave her fans eagerly awaiting her next album.”

“To say that Tieger’s talent is immense is quite real and the breadth of reference in melodies spans hundreds of years, from ancient Ladino and Celtic origins, married to a near pop-jazz expressionism. It is theater at its best while easy on the operetta, if you will. Her voice is in the same league as a Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins, but it breathes easily and is alive in the here and now. There is nothing stuffy in Kari Tieger’s style or delivery. Ms. Tieger shines with a radiant glow in Illumination. From the stunning cover (Natalie Diaz) through all 15 entries, this album has a range of contributing local talent that renders pristine and sublime with monumental quality. In this age of new techno-do-it-yourselfism where musicians often hand out homemade CD copies as business cards, this is a serious production and will be the envy of any studio anywhere as a hip-eclectic and very evolved form of cross-genre chamber music for the many… a gem indeed: Bravo!!”

“KARI TIEGER GRACES RHODE ISLAND WITH EXOTIC MELODIES; SHE ALSO LIKES VAMPIRES Tieger’s music defies categories. She has many obvious pop influences, but she also draws influences from France, the Middle East, and classical. More of a composer than a songwriter, Tieger calls what she does eclectic pop and is the kind of interesting artist that the more you learn about her, the more fascinating she is, carrying many styles in her repertoire and creative means to get them across. Tieger’s three full-length CDs have been compared to film score music. Tieger considers herself a recording artist more than a performing artist. Her pop music contains elements of Gypsy, Eastern European melodies, and Middle-Eastern rhythms, and a whole lot more. Tieger has a degree in French and has recorded half her stuff in French. It remains anyone’s guess where Tieger can take her music. For open-minded listeners, she offers something new and unusual that’s been known for keeping listeners hooked”

“CD Review: There are nowadays too many artists [who] need nothing more for a review than telling about the genre of music they play. It is enough to know what they're all about. Kari Tieger is an exception to this rule. Her music does not fit any pre-made category. It is absolutely necessary to listen to her to understand how much she managed to create her very own niche in a world of clichés. This is very refreshing and welcome! "Nos Mots" is an album beyond words, dare I say. Each song (including three instrumentals) has a very distinctive touch and flavour, spicing up the music though giving a mysterious, eerie touch to the whole. Kari's astounding mastery of the subtleties and intricacies of the French language allows her to be a part of the elite of the "chanson française". "Nos Mots" is a no-brainer: if you love artists thinking, playing, writing out of the box and singing in a language which conveys emotions as well as French does, buy it! ”

“Kari Tieger, who is from Rhode Island, is a multi-faceted artist: she is a composer, a singer, and instrumental performer, and a producer. She composes and performs her songs in English as well as in French. Her music...varies from classical, pop, and jazz to new age. In her album Zazen, Ms. Tieger is focusing on Zen Buddhism. According to Chinese Buddhism, zazen is the ability through which the individual can reach an inner relaxed condition, where one can go back to his roots...to find his real personality. During meditation, music has its own significance. Meditation is a direct way to the goal and music is similar to a route without obstacles which is perfectly clean. If we are able to listen to music that is similar to Kari Tieger's Zazen then the power of our own meditation will grow.”

Mihály Czékus - Online Hungarian Review

“Kari Tieger is a singer, composer and producer from Rhode Island who is bilingual in French and English. Her compositions have been on everything from A&E to the O! Network to MTV. She has a very eclectic style that encompasses pop, Broadway, classical and jazz. She shows a dramatic flair in her writing that is at times inspired. In general, Tieger has a very distinctive soprano voice, and is as authentic a Francophone singer as you’ll find in the coffeehouses and concert halls of Paris. She has a very Broadway flair about her at times, and writes somewhat in this vein. You can close your eyes and picture many of her vocal pieces sung under the proscenium at The Winter Garden in New York City or another such venue. While her vocals are strong, composition is her bread and butter. Tieger seems to dance her away around the staves and finds a way to coax magic from the mundane.”

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World Online Blog

"Nos Mots" consists of eight shimmering vocal performances in the popular idiom, more or less, as well as a sonata, and a sonatina for violin and piano, all composed by Tieger. A definite highlight of the CD is “Un Ange Chante” (An Angel Singing), lyric from a free verse poem by Catherine Rousseau. I could quote the whole thing. It’s reminiscent of “Nothing At All” by Allison Krauss. But it is Tieger’s album, and she is masterful on it. Her command of the ache and decay inherent in the French vocal tradition is complete, and her grasp of popular music forms is broad and fresh.