Kari Tauring / Press

“Tauring’s hypnotic storytelling and singing make for a charming and instructive trip to the northlands.”

“Tauring is keeping the tradition of the Volva alive through her music and revivalist spiritual practices. Her passion and knowledge bring an air of authenticity that captivates the audience.”

“Ululating and yipping most loudly -- and often singing beautifully -- is Volva ("staff carrier") Kari Tauring, champion of Nordic-roots music and any tradition that connects people with nature in a spiritual way.”

“Kari Tauring is an important resource in our holistic community - not only for her knowledge of runes, but also for her work with Volva Stav, a unique form of spiritual training that incorporates the indigenous teachings of the Norse traditions.”

“Kari and Drew...rhythmically pound staffs on the ground in cross rhythms while Kari vocalizes in words not English...her manner is warm and open both on stage and off... Kari’s shamanic Norse vocals, echo, distort, and engulf.”

“If you consider Björk the high priestess of vocal-centric, Nordic-rooted experimental sounds, then try the middle priestess of that same genre, Kari Tauring.”

“The most exotic part of this six-song EP is the voice of Kari Tauring. Closer listening… reveals strangeness in the tunings of the instruments; certain notes sound slightly dissonant, giving the music a haunting quality that matches Tauring’s singing. ”

“Tauring's voice is a supple, evocative instrument with an admirable range of expression, and the spare settings of these selections, sung in Votic, Norwegian, Icelandic, and English, with Tauring's vocals supported by Drew Miller and Scott Nieman, throw them into sharp relief”

“an example of Tauring's ability to take a song with many layers of meaning and still allow for it to be heard (if you choose) as just a great and haunting pop song.”

“Ms Tauring's soaring and agile vocals being the centerpiece of her music's sound. Kari Tauring's new album 'Live at the Capri' enters new territory. Here is a live concept album that is not a concert rendition of a studio work, but an entirely new release.”