Kari Smith / Press

“Sometimes, she says, people ask about the sacrifices she has made. “They ask 'what if you never make it?' “It's not about being famous,” she says. “It's about being able to support myself while doing what I love.” So how does she respond to that question? “My reply,” she says, “is '”

“Looking back on a choice that led from a comfortable home in Richmond to the uncertainties of a city that has seen dreams both fulfilled and destroyed, Smith says, “The most rewarding thing is seeing that I actually had the courage to do it; to know that I'm doing it. I'm making it happen.””

“When Kari Smith performs in the Richmond area, she isn’t sharing her musical stylings with just anyone — she’s showing the folks at home how she is making a name for herself with her talents. Kari brings with her a new CD entitled “Gypsy of Love,” which was just recently released.”

Melody Kinser - The Mechanicsville Local