Kari Kimmel / Press

“Kari sings from the heart, telling tales of love laced with hope, joy, loss and hope.”

"YOUR RECORD SOUNDS GREAT! I took it with me to Nashville a few weeks ago and listened the whole time in the car!"

Beka Callaway - Razor & Tie Records

"(your cd) is Awesome! I love it all but my faves on 1st listen are: Out Of Focus, Trouble, Rebound (is my fav big time), Don't Give Up, and My Beautiful. Great Songs, vocal production, etc. Great work!"

Robbie Nevil - Hit songwriter, performer

“...by the way, Out Of Focus is my new favorite song :-)”

Kate Dingle - (editor, Palm Beach Post)

"...Great songs... Great vocals - You sound better each time I hear you. Just fabulous...I love Out of Focus."

Richard Bellis - (Emmy award winning composer)

“Kimmel is a dream artist, possessing the perfect package for success. The combination of her lyrics and voice as well as her songwriting abilities show that her appeal is much more than just good looks. This artist can wail with the best of them and the industry needs to take notice immediately.”

Bob Leggett - Music Connection

“Kari's songs paired with an undeniably brilliant voice makes her record a breakthrough debut.”

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