Karen Dahlstrom / Press

“A gem of an EP”

“A wonderfully sinister debut.”

“Highly recommended.”

“In less than 18 minutes, Karen shows her narrative range—embodying everything from a hardass war veteran to a reluctant bride—with songs so immediate and real they seem to have been there all along, waiting to be discovered.”

“Karen’s voice gets attention without demands. The vocal control in Gem State lies in it ability to capture without a fight.”

"With her beautiful voice and strong songwriting bearing the torch of tradition every song feels instantly familiar, like any classic record should. And after finally striking out on her own, Karen Dahlstrom proves with Gem State, her promising debut EP that she is an artist on the rise and should be considered a major player in the traditional American folk revival."

"...this has to be one of the half-dozen best albums of the year."