Kaos India / Press

“There is much to admire here if you are a lover of progressive rock music. "The Passenger Seat" is an epic track, as good as anything coming out of the U.K. prog. rock super groups.”

Sills & Smith - The Passenger Seat

“Provocative, well constructed compositions complemented by compelling well-executed performance & production! Very nice work”

Kerry Leigh - Kaos India

“Fantastic playing and tight, twisted licks overflow from these awesome, progressive trippy tunes..love that drone-like quality and deep psych vibe to "passenger seat"..a spectacular rockin and captivating epic!!”

Mike White - The Passenger Seat

“Im just listening to Seize The Day and like the funky slap bass intro, the slow buid up towards the verse, and the tempo shift in the middle. Sounds like you had fun creating this ”

Nix - Seize The Day