Kanude / Press

“HBO's True Blood has a reputation for killer song choices in every episode. In True Blood episode 4.02, 'You Smell Like Dinner', singer/songwriter Chris 'Kanude' Knudson joins the likes of Bob Dylan, Shelby Lynne, Billie Holiday and Massive Attack on the eclectic True Blood soundtrack with his song 'Wheels'."”

“Kanude’s vocals are an unbelievably fluctuating blend of Roy Orbison and Glenn Danzig, providing listeners with that old-school sound mixed in a blender with a little rockabilly and a good amount of attitude.”

"If this a debut then l can't wait for the follow up. Another rock inspired alt-country hoe-down would be just the thing to rouse this worn out soul so used to hearing uninspired tired repetitive rock served up by the majors. Great songs, great CD."

“One of the best indie recordings to hit the market for 2008… a roadhouse riot with loud, pumping guitars and thunder drums churning up a frothy soundscape. The vocal stylings pay homage to great rockers of the 1950's. Imagine a pissed off Roy Orbison wailing away after a peyote binge.”

"Loved your album. Great Music and artwork. Waiting to hear more of you."

"Heartfelt songs, terrific singing, well-composed and arranged music, and right in the ball park for radio play."

"Cool. Listening now. Sounds good!"

"Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing."

“This is indeed a fine record, full of varying moods and textures, while keeping a firm hand on its Rock and Roll identity. "Wheels" is a song that could have been written by a young Brian Wilson, if he had only grown up nearer the Pasadena that is in Texas, rather than the one that is in California.”

"A mix from the music of the 60s, 70s en 80s. Old music in modern ways."

"'Sweet But Sour' sounds like Bowie and Ian Hunter jamming ‘Synchronicity II’ with Frank Zappa writing the arrangement. That’s my favorite.”

"High energy beats, raw guitar riffs, driving vocals and cool songs."