Kameltoe and the Bad Habit / Press

“Just saw my first Kameltoe show.They really are hilarious.The songs really rock,but they have really funny lyrics sometimes.I love "It's not going to suck itself."These guys are just a helluva lot of fun.they don't take themselves so seriously and it makes you feel like you are in on an inside joke.Loved it!”

PJ - Local

“Nice singing, the vocalist really did the job right.Catchy lyrics (...brings that well known feeling...).Good production. ”

Wonderer from Pirot - Serbia,Yugoslavia

“this was a fun track to listen to.great mood and energy.the guitar sound carries the the song straight through.it fits right with the loud roudy vocs.this song was done perfectly!it's a party anthem for sure. I'd like to hear this at a bar having some beers an letting loose after work. Reviewed by: exsponge from Topeka, Kansas”

Exponged - Topeka, Kansas

“This song made me want to break shit! Loved the guitar work with the lead stuff.”

stomp Engine - pittsburgh Pennsylvania

“like the guitar at the beginning. nice speed. love the singers voice. Awesome. reminds me of some 80s buttrock which IS NOT a bad thing. ”

audible drummer - Portland Oregon

“This song is a breath of fresh air amongst other "poluted" rock songs. Originality and fun factor make this song a winner. Extra Credit: Beat, Originality. ”

pjsces - Austin Texas

“You gotta wonder about the probable size of drummer Pete Foreman’s biceps. My guess would be mammoth. There seems to be very few moments on this CD when he is not mad wailing. I rarely notice the drums this much, but there was no getting around Foreman; the guy is everywhere. Some real standout drumming. ”

Kevin Breitinger - Indie-music.com

“The drumming of Pete Foreman is epic.The hard riffs from Rokk Asher are infectious.The vocals of Ric Plamondon are rock-solid and really make their songs take flight.They are not the next inductee into the rock n' roll hall of fame.But they epitomize what rock is about.Getting out and rocking the house.”

Wes Liverpool - Omaha Goober

“O.K.,To be fair the name leaves a bit to be desired.But the level of good-time entertainment these guys offer is priceless.The solos are not virtuoso lead playing.More out of the Neil Young school of meanderings on the fretboard.But the emotion, and more importantly,the FUN is of the highest caliber.”

Alex Owen - Simi Feedback

“This is the perfect band to drink beer to.Guaranteed it gets the party jumping.The live show was sick.”


“What the band lacks in solo guitars,they more than make up for with great vocals and fun hooks.A real good-time listen.”


““Shut Up and Drink” is the only live track, understandably their traditional closer, a real crowd-pleaser. Like I said, they must be great live, but I suspect the CD fails to fully translate their humor and energy. ”


“This is metal to the Nth degree. All that I read leads me to believe Kameltoe puts on a great live show. That’s probably the best way to enjoy this trio, unless you’re an adolescent male in your bedroom playing air guitar.”