“Taking into account how great “Silverthorn” turned out and how awesome the band sounded in the tour that followed, then it shouldn’t be a shocker that “Haven” is a killer album and not only has all the KAMELOT characteristics but also brings new stuff on the table.”

“This album from start to finish is just insanely epic and so addictive. (...) In simple words, it is a fantastically diverse and immensely well done Symphonic Metal album.”

“This album's beauty, energy and many-sidedness melted my heart like few albums do.”

“We all have a haven in our lives and I might just have found my new one.”

Loud Magazine (Portugal) on 'Haven'

“It doesn't matter if you want to call the album power, epic or symphonic metal. This is a masterpiece.”

“Pure Kamelot: what you expect, but always creative and intriguing. Easily recommended.”

“Be sure to preorder it or head to your local stores on the first week of May. Trust me, this is totally worth it.”

“5/5 Album of The Year. It's that damn good...”

“What an album! Kamelot have reinvented themselves, without losing their very essence. The sound has become somewhat more modern, while the vocal work of Tommy Karevik is spot-on the entire time. Kamelot has taken the next step and it has been in the best direction possible!”

“Like always with Kamelot, this is beautiful, almost stunningly beautiful.”

“Unafraid to experiment (as evidenced with some of the nifty effects used in tracks like the instant classic Insomnia) Kamelot continue to prove themselves as modern day power metal masters.”

“Memorable tracks, awe-inspiring choirs and more, this album is quite the majestic journey. (...) Kamelot are truly one of the most inspiring metal acts out there today.”

“A killer album which satisfies me completely and I think it's a hot contender for Power Metal album of the year!”

“The whole album is one feel-good ride. You can listen to it anytime, anywhere and be assured that it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh. (...) Almost every song makes you feel like you’re flying in the air, and the high doesn’t stop till the music does.”

“Once again, Kamelot delivers something unique for every fan out there with the Album of the Year, worthy enough to be listed amongst their highest achievements and beyond.”

20/20 - Spirit-Of-Metal.com on 'Silverthorn'

“Silverthorn is simply excellent, a slice of mammoth metal majesty that should serve to satisfy the choir and convert the skeptics.”

10/10 - Outburn Magazine (USA)

“With "Silverthorn", Kamelot has created a masterpiece that will propel them to the next level in the world of metal.”

9.5/10 - The Metal Pit (Canada)

“Every member of the band – first of all new singer Karevik – delivers the maximum of passion on their parts, which raises this monumental work into an exceptional position.”

10/10 - Rock It! (Germany) on 'Silverthorn'

“Silverthorn leaves you in awe from the very first listen, yet details will only be revealed after several spins. Cinematic and orchestral, heavy guitars, and vocal brilliance.”

Rock Tribune (Belgium)