Kaley Caperton / Press

“I had the chance to work with Kaley in Waco, Texas at the PRCA Rodeo and found her to be refreshing, besides being a very talented young lady! I wish her much success with her promising career!”

Hadley Barrett, PRCA Rodeo Announcer

“Amazing, talented, captivating...these words are spoken often when people see Kaley Caperton perform. It is amazing that one so young has such a long list of credits to her name. It seems as if Kaley has been singing all her life.”

“More than anything, Kaley Caperton wants to be on stage singing. The 16-year-old China Spring High School sophomore says five years from now, she sees herself on tour with the likes of Brad Paisley. And, she’s well on her way with the release of her latest CD, Bittersweet, this month.”

“ ...And if you read the above two paragraphs aloud, quickly and without taking a breath, you have a sense of the 15-year-old’s irrepressible personality.”