Kala Farnham / Press

“In some ways her music is a throwback to the singer/songwriter era of the early 1970s. Her classically-oriented playing reminds one briefly of Joni Mitchell, but the style, composition and melodic structure of her songs is clearly Farnham’s own.”

“She evokes, in me, feeling reminiscent of my first first encounters with a James Taylor, a Janis Ian or a Sheryl Crow. Honest and delicate musings coupled with authorities well crafted vocals and lush instrumentation, a quality of production that stirs the heart and Goosebumps the flesh.”

Musician Ed Talbot

“Kala is a performer not to be missed. The delicate beauty of her vocals and piano playing will leave a lasting impression.”

Border Books and Music

“Her acoustic leaning music is graced with elements of folk, rock, and jazz sensibilities, underpinned by the classical-oriented piano.”

“Kala Farnham is paving the way for alternative folk rock music.”

Six Flags New England

“If you see her, she will definitely touch something inside of you with her signature piano playing, heartfelt vocals and fascinating songwriting.”