Kajun Kelley / Press

"Check out Kajun Kelley on guitar. He can rip it up."

Mac McDonald - The Herald, Monterey, CA

"There is not much like this on the radio right now, and pop metal fans will not be disappointed. Kelley's irreverent, raucous record is just the reality check this town needs. Get in your car and turn it up."

Lisa Iannucci - OnTap Magazine

"Kajun Kelley is rock. Heart felt, solid, timeless rock and roll...Many guitar soloists find it hard to transition from solo guitarist, to fronting a band, but this CD demonstrates that in this respect, Kelley has made the transition with panache...'StaleStories FreshEars' strikes it's own chord. Listen and I think you'll like it."

Robert - Allzah.com

"Kajun Kelley is extremely talented. The Album is solid and well written.....Nice Work! ."

Brad Cox - Music Monthly

"Very few guitar instrumentalists ever get signed to a record deal; Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are the lucky, talented exceptions. I have a feeling, though, that when record execs hear Kajun Kelley play, they'll want to sign him as well"

L.A. Music Connection

“I went with Carlos "Mike" Carabello from Santana. When the performance ended, he told guitarist Kajun Kelley, "Man, you play like Carlos (Santana)!" This is true. Kelley is clean, fast, and innovative as anybody playing today." ”

Valerie Ridenour - Key West The Newspaper

"Moods" is [a] power trio romp ... fleet-fingered, beat-happy fun."

Mike Joyce - Washington Post

“(Live Show Review) To say Kajun Kelley makes fine guitar playing look effortless is like saying giraffes are tall ”

Chelsea Gahar - Northen Virginia Rhythm