Kairos 4tet / Press

“Kairos 4Tet have found a melodious medium between traditional Jazz and the forward facing nature that typifies so much young British Jazz. The band's compositions are open and accessible, but there's no compromise when it comes to intuitive, intelligent playing and adventurous arrangements.”

“Placing the band fairly and squarely in the top flight of the UK jazz scene...Statement Of Intent is exceptional.”

“* * * * ...this superb group are terrific players inspired by thoughtful compositions. Waldmann's themes have a strength and clarity, underlined by his own calm, understated delivery”

MOJO Magazine

“**** Statement of Intent melds lush classical-ish harmonies with adrenalised improv, shimmering beats and purposeful grooves to bewitching effect...This is smart music that isn't trying to impress but does simply by its sheer quality, enticing you into the warmth of Waldmann's world”

“A powerful new voice in British Jazz”

“**** Adam Waldman is one of the most distinctive saxophonists in the UK...The Kairos Statement impresses with its sure sense of artistic purpose”

Manchester Evening News

“**** A formidable yet flexible unit, Kairos 4tet make free flowing contemporary music that packs melody, rhythm and high flying improv into a tightly wound whole. Hence you're as likely to leave whistling one of their many refreshing tunes as you are to be impressed by the group's compelling interplay and imaginative solo skills."”

"Striking compositions... arresting sax … luxurious tenor …tradition-rooted and restlessly contemporary. Kairos 4Tet mixes group-sensitive and freewheeling jazz improv and memorable themes with an elan that's likely to put it on a lot of people's "rising UK stars" list this year ****

“One of the most assured and melodically potent debuts of 2010”

Jazzwise Magazine

“...dedicated to the proposition that contemporary jazz can be cerebral, peaceful and yet still swing.... a classy project whose time has definitely come."”

Jack Massarik - The Evening Standard

“****The melodies are lyrical but the improvisations that follow deliver the linearity of the best contemporary piano trios, with Waldmann diving into the maelstrom without upsetting the balance.”

“The perfect mix of freshness, rigour and beauty ****”

"... virtuoso musicianship, breathtaking compositions and ensemble playing worthy of the great concert halls. The excellent Kairos 4tet blew through Oxford and confirmed why they are one of the most in-demand of the newest wave of jazz groups emerging in the UK."

“One of the best releases of the year”

Helen Mayhew - Jazz FM

"the band's verve is considerable, and they have enough faithful, enthusiastic admirers to fill the club- and deservedly so, because they're a class act"

Chris Parker - (The Vortex, BBC, Jazz Review)

"With their originality and creativity (not to mention chops), the future looks very bright for the Adam Waldman and the Kairos 4tet – one listen to Kairos Moment will tell you why." BBC Music, Patrick Johns

“There is no showing off I can discern here – it feels like four young men intend on the selfless exploration of what is special in the moment, and how best they can share it with the listening world. The Kairos moment, in other words”

“ferociously inventive foursome...Wayne Shorter-influenced blend of wild improvisation and sonorous grooves”

“A luminous debut album from four young London musicians which, unexpectedly, affirms the eternal verities of acoustic jazz. Supple rhythms, strong melodies, inventive harmonies, flowing improvisation...it's all here and it bucks the trend...”

“An astonishingly mature debut...writing is colourful, consistently melodic and remarkably mature...an album to be proud of ****”

“Fast-rising young ensemble...a fine band who reflect Waldmann's sophistication as an improviser...brought the set to a rousing clamour****”

“memorable and moving tunes....not just a great album but a refreshingly melodic take on contemporary jazz”

Jazzwise Magazine

"Each luminously unfurling tune orbits around his exquisitely warm Wayne Shorterish tone on song-like pieces…...It all points to a young master in the making****

Mike Flynn - Time Out

“Adam is a beautiful sax player with a strong identity and fantastic ideas. As a soprano player particularly, he’s one of very few musicians who have developed an exciting, personal sound and concept”

Mark Lockheart - Polar Bear

“**** Amid the abundance of solo ability offered by Waldmann, Baron and Høiby, fluidly driven by Scott as well, is the sense of discovery and coherence within the quartet’s interplay and rhythmic flexibility.”