Kafayat Quadri / Press

"Kafayat Quadri is a musician who can be seen performing and leaving a trail of new admirers all around KL. Earthy, soulful and distinctively unique."

"Kafayat Quadri . . . brings in a strong Nigerian feeling into her songs and her voice is impactful and strengthening. My favourite song of hers was Wa S'ile Eko (Come to the House of Knowledge) in which she sang in Nigerian. It had so much of that oomph and heartfelt emotions that I sang out with all I can when she got us to sing along."

“The Ultimate Face -Off’ . . . under the auspices of Wole Oguntokun’s Theatre@Terra . . . . It seemed only proper that the opening song was Kafayat Quadri’s ‘Asiko Tito’, a song on forgiveness.”

“Quadri is already becoming with her deviant attire and music that gives throwbacks to Tracy Chapman. For those who follow her performances at Theatre at Terra you would attest to her moving voice fitted over diverse themes and the notes from her guitar.”

“Kafayat Quadri is gaining the attention of Nigerian social media lovers. Listening to her grooves, I found myself nodding my head in approval. It is always great to see young people who are willing to stretch their wings, check out/learn and use alternative forms of music expressions rather than the regular over used ones. Her voice is simply great. Two thumbs up!”

“Kafayat Quadri rawks! Her voice goes through a room, straight to you. ”