Kaela Sinclair / Press

“There’s no doubt about it — one of the most striking new talents I’ve heard thus far this year is Denton singer-songwriter Kaela Sinclair. Gifted with a sultry soprano and capable of crafting songs full of ambition and cinematic scope, the 23-year-old Sinclair, will release her debut album, Sun & Mirror, on Oct. 8. Mirror is a lush, richly textured piece of work brimming with ambition and suffused with a dark beauty. In short, one of the best albums to emerge from the DFW area thus far in 2013.”

"Though this marks the debut for Denton newcomer Kaela Sinclair, it's got all the ingredients to help the 23-year-old become the Little D's next big thing."

"Truly a magnificent production, Sun & Mirror takes you on a journey. A masterful use of instrumentals set the tone and mood of each song, complimenting Kaela Sinclair’s expressive vocals. Each track is unique, and carries an important role in the overall experience. I was amazed at how much depth and diversity was packed into this album.

"Denton’s Kaela Sinclair possesses a honeyed voice akin to those of Regina Spektor and Sarah Jaffe."

“Kaela is a musician, composer, and songwriter who will take you to a new level touching on your emotions with her powerful and passionate voice.”

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“Wow! I don't know about you, but I'm expecting great things from this young woman.”