KADRAE / Press

"He's a tremendously talented artist and performer, and his music reflects a creativity and depth not unlike those in some of Prince's best work."

"Kadrae stands out from the crowd. Truly original songs and arrangements that reach deep into your mind, body, and soul. It's not often that a record will make you think, move, and feel good in your soul all at the same time."

“Very eclectic, talented and gifted artist! One capable of fusing the rock and soul of Jimi Hendrix, with the funk and R&B groove of Prince. "She Don't Know Heaven" is also reminiscent of the soul styling of Grammy Award winning artist Tony Rich. Kadrae is a good musician and terrific guitarist!”

“I'm not that old, but Put Your Hands Up takes me back a little bit and I'm really feeling that track. Keep bringing the good music! Blake”