Kadooge! / Press

"These intricate riffs aside, the driving power of rock music like this is often missing from today’s artists, and makes a welcome return here. If this kind of form is kept up through the album as a whole, it might be time to dust off the air guitar."

“So, whether you’re a rock fan longing for the days of shredding guitars, or a rock fan on the look out for something fresh, this could be your elixir.”

“It’s a nice, subtle touch, and a great way to keep the interest when their genre is so well-worn when done in a straightforward way. Details like this, often missed by independent bands, are exactly what sets them apart for new music lovers.”

““No Surprise” shows that Kadooge - from Illinois - can fly straight as an arrow towards their musical target. Make no mistake, it’s still a mid-west rock song underneath the metal encased riffs, mystical lyrics and macho vocals but the intention here is clearly to make some proper stadium style noise.”

“Kadooge didn't create an album to use as background noise, but one that demands attention, and deserves it. Nothing is almost everything represents what music should be: meaningful and striking.”

“Aurora, Ill.-based quartet Kadooge starts each of the three tracks on its self-titled debut EP with a basic hard rock arrangement before shifting into more active and elaborate instrumental passages. Lead vocalist/guitarist Pat Goode conveys his emotionally-charged lyrics with a strong voice while guitarist Quentin Dover frequently takes off on new adventures. Bassist Aerie Dover and drummer Tony Montana also help listeners navigate the shifting tempos on the engaging “No Surprise” and “Broken Up In Pieces.” ”

“This is definitely the sound of accomplished musicians; all the elements work as layers, and the band has a keen sense of dynamics and ensemble playing.”