Kadie Lynn / Press

“Kadie Lynn, At 2 and a half years old Kadie Lynn was already singing. She couldn’t read so she had to memorize her songs. Her first song to perform in church was Amazing Grace. The song leader used to actually hold her up to the microphone and let her sing. When she was about 4 and a half years old she sang at her first Opry. It was in Farmersville Texas at the Mainstreet Music Hall. Next they found out about a little Opry called the Hayseed Opry in her hometown of Cedar Creek Lake and she started singing there on occasion. Angela Cade and Rayburn Turner have taken her under their wing and have been a wonderful influence on her career. Later she auditioned for the Rodeo Music City Hall in Mesquite and met Robert Keller. He has been working with her since then. Kadie auditioned at Arlington Live Music Hall. It was one of her biggest auditions. She auditioned with 85 other people and only 20 were picked to perform on their stage. The audition went well. They booked her to come back.”