Kabomba / Press

"Kabomba is the drunk party uncle of the group. You know that guy that is buying you beer underage when he is like 45. Yeah, livin the dream! I love the energy Kabomba puts out together. You wild bastards, looking forward to album release...."

Kasey Jaime - You Scared the Funk out of Me

"Party funk monster, Kabomba followed up with fluttering horns and rock frenzied crescendos that sank at times to dubby depths; the sort of band one might imagine opening for the legendary SiP SiP."

“An eclectic Texas ensemble that mixes ska with Indian tones and a splash of psychedelia...Perhaps one day Kabomba! will play live in Costa Rica, maybe opening for the return of Gogol Bordello.”

“Kabomba! — formerly known as Helix — is a band that challenges description. While their sound can be described as funky, indie rock, punky ska this does an injustice to the subtle counterpoints that run through their music. Eastern European and Indian tones meld into the tunes so seamlessly that it seems more like bursts of pure joy rather than notes are mixed into the music. Little wisps of psychedelia float through the tunes, waving at polka beats as they vanish. The band bends each genre of music they sound like into new melodic vistas with more textures and depths. It’s familiar but somehow so much better — more enthusiastic, more interesting, more, well, Kabomba!”

"Their live show has made them a favorite everywhere they have played, and they are a musical force to be reckoned with."