Kable / Press

“DJ Kable contributed to the EP with another Trance cut. His remix has a very melodic pause, which leads into a monster breakdown influenced with electro feeling basslines.”

“Congratulations to the top scoring producers of our Homegrown Production Competition: Symbiotic, Meaux Green, DJ Kable... Winners will be performing at Ignition at Firestone Live the day before EDC!”

“Bass Wrecka "High Volume" (DJ Kable Remix) -- Kable’s electro-house & dubstep melody-driven interpretation has an unforgettable intro and is currently trending, rapidly gaining traction around the interwebz.”

“Although Jesse was our Grand Prize winner, we would like to highlight two other submissions that blew us away, compliments of Ice House Industries and DJ Kable.”

“Thank you to all 528 participants!...Xylote Contest Winners Announced! 1st: SevenFreq DJ - Everything (Germany) 2nd: DJ Kable - See You Again (USA) 3rd: Micah James - I Wanna See You (USA)”

“The latest set by DJ Kable is up for grabs, and it’s a dirty mud-stomper spanning electro-house, breaks, and dubstep.”

“This set starts with Kable’s very own original breakbeat monster: “Bass Directive”, but laden with what seems to be a prank voicemail from one “Chernobyl Cigarette Company”. This wouldn’t be the first time strange samples have made the leap from Kable’s voicemail into a DJ set.”

“Back in the Klub! is a collaboration from Bass Wrecka and DJ Kable which busts down the breakbeat gates and takes you through old vs. nu skool locked in a deadly battle for supremacy. We hope you brought your breakin’ shoes, because a circle is about to expand on the dance floor.”

“The whole EP is bangin. DJ Kable knows how to make some quality electro house.”

“DJ Kable is back on Bone Idle with his very own EP release. Three awesome electro house tracks, each completely unique and dancefloor ready.”

“US based DJ Kable takes Black Mango on a tense hardcore night out. We liken this remix to how our shoes end up after a few hours in a club… clean at the start, filthy at the end. Taking just the vocals from the original this remix has given Black Mango a tight work over. With reverb, delay laden breaks and a build that drops into an electro fuzzed bassline, mean this one is not one to wear your best Adidas too!”