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“KAATO, Rockin the world y'all !!”

“KAATO Voted Top10 best Songs 2016”

“KAATO are a brand spankin’ new band from Sydney, Australia by way of Nashville, Tennessee, USA.There is much to explore on this album. There are elements of blues, funk, and sleaze, all mashed up into one great mix. SLEAZEROXX.COM”

“What do you get when you mix Mitch Malloy and Red Dawn, along with some awesome young bloods from Australia? ANSWER = KAATO !!”

“The band's presence and stage persona was a brilliant rendition of early Bowie - Mark Bolin - Sweet and 80's retro coupled with the diamond glints of Van Halen. Kurts voice hovered on three octave levels and at his peaks were flashes of early Freddy Mercury. Overall the band's brilliant original music held me spellbound and soared through on a waves of excitement and unique RnR chemistry.”

Nudair Productions,BlackFoxAustralia

“Back to rock your spots off in the new year, KAATO have become favourites on the L&L stage. These boys just wanna rock you and they do it so well. Always a pleasure to have them back.”

“Whatever their warcry is. Rock"N"Roll is back on the rise. And Artists like KAATO are leading the way for this next generation who have yet to come of age. And i welcome it...... Bon ‪#‎nudairproductions‬”

“Leather & Leopard is back with the fantastic music you've come to expect! KAATO are back making their long awaited return to the L&L stage. If you missed them last time then you'd be a fool to miss them again. A fool I say! This a seriously good band.”

“Sounds like a Danny Elfman score on a cocaine binge. Great powerful vocals suit the track's powerful punk drive with sounds of early placebo present. Really catchy and interesting. Dan Scarlett Lake ”

Triple j

“Kaato from Sydneys Inner-West delivers a new breed of progressive hard rock, frontman Kaato recorded his Debut EP "Blind Thrust Fault" last April in Tokyo. Kaato creates a dynamic band with a bold new sound. The band have already wooed audiences winning several band comps as well as 'Global Battle of The Bands'.”

The Vanguard Sydney

“Kaato prowls the stage of the Factory Theater in Sydney. Kaato a very talented, self sufficient musician. In the video for In Disguise, you can witness him playing every instrument, and very well at that. He makes use of various techniques put forth by artists of the 70’s and 80’s, something which puts him right in line with his appearance and genre. The song itself is a masterful union of guitar riffs and techniques accompanied by a well thought out rhythm section and Kaato’s diversified vocals.”

“This is operatic pop punk done well. dirtied up vocals with some real studio sheen you could hit anthemic levels. Heaps of potential and I bet there are some frontman theatrics live too. Dave Ruby Howe, triple j triplej”

triple J