Jyn Yates / Press

“Jyn Yates is a drummer, she is energetic, she is loud, she is purpetually excited about life. This is why I love Jyn and why her students are so excited to come to their lessons. How could a student be bored with drums or be bummed out during their lesson when their teacher is so excited? She's definitely a woman with style, basically Jyn is all style and smiles! And her drumming................... WOW! Miss Yates has run the gamut from being a learner and becoming a teacher but she will be the first to admit that even as a teacher she is still learning new things when it comes to drums, both kit and hand percussion.”

“An apocalyptic blues in which way-solid drummer Jyn Yates trades her rolling fills for the ol’ hammer-and-tongs. This act, YNV, could be especially dangerous live."”

“Drummer Jyn Yates, who recently scored a solid endorsement deal with Supernatural Cymbals, a new cymbal company with offices in Turkey, Nashville and LA, has assembled a female supergroup, called She Groove. The ensemble is a dance group, built around a a horn and drums rhythm section plus keys and four- and five-part harmonies.”

"Our guest this week is a drum teacher at Mom’s Music on Mellwood Ave and a member of a ton of Louisville bands. Jyn has been playing drums since the tender age of three (although rumors persist that she was tapping out John Bonham’s drum parts while in the womb)".

“There's another unwritten rule of being a music critic (but it isn't the one specifying the number of beers you need to suck down as you listen to a record), and that's never judge an entire recording based on the opening track. So I'm pleased to report that the grandiose first cut of Now I'm in Your Head, the debut from Louisville-based girl band The Confessional is just an overture to a festival of rock and pop that drives harder than anybody in NASCAR. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes edgy and angry, but mostly fun, it is like a midway where all the rides do nothing but spin you around and flash candy neon into your eyeballs. A long holiday weekend with two party-packed Saturday nights. Thomas Dolby (the musician, not the noise-reduction scientist) once had a set of instructions on an album he produced: "Due to the exceptional length of this recording, play it loud."”