Juwita Suwito / Press

“Original, honest and unflinching. Malaysia’s very own Juwita Suwito impresses on and off stage with her verve and energy.”

Muhamad Fadhil - Magmug Magazine

“In a climate where the good ol' days of "paying your dues" have disappeared along with music cassettes and Walkmans, singer songwriters like Juwita Suwito are refreshing and rare... Juwita is a seasoned pro. A fact more than evident in her confident performing gait and edgier sound...”

Ashanya Indralingam - KLue

“Indeed, Walk Away – the single she performed at the For Real official launch recently – is a brilliant pop-rock number that is in the same vein as Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson... That’s not all; the talented lass has also shown her flawless vocal range on an Eagles classic, Desperado.”

Chew Wan Ying - The Malay Mail: Showbiz

“Her lilting vocals hop, skip and jump over the pop melodies with ease. She sings from the heart and her passion is most evident on tracks like 'All This Time' and her take on the Eagles's classic 'Desperado'... Blending urban pop with a dash of soul, this album's tailor-made for the whole family.”

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