Just People / Press

“Watching and listening to Scott, it is as if he is possessed by the music, transcended to a higher place, a place you long to visit.”

“Just People has 'a sound that can only be defined as an eclectic mix of genres called rocksouledelic; a winning trifecta of genres, incorporating rock, soul, and a psychedelic..."”

“Each track on Light/Weight is a journey to where the human condition has gone and will continue to explore. It’s an imposing release that should carry them into much success.”

“Gilmore’s sultry and comforting voice beckons comparison to Amos Lee with a little more pep in his step.”

““Beware of the Phoenix” remains a unified, deliberate artistic statement that deserves your attention.”

“Just People stitches together a sonic tapestry evocative of Talking Heads, infusing this with a message of positive creativity.”

“Whether it’s Scott Gilmore crooning mellow Dylan/Cat Stevens-esque melodies (“Youth is not your age, it’s how much you believe”) or forceful social awareness amid crunching guitars- passion is Just People's forte.”

“The most important elements of Just People’s signature sound are the lyrics and the groove. Frontman Scott Gilmore writes straightforward, meaningful words, expressing experiential truths about life in our modern era. Meanwhile, drummer Alex Greene and bassist Todd Gee collaborate to create the band’s foot-tapping foundation. I could expound upon the precision and tastefulness of this rhythm section for several paragraphs, but I will leave it at this: they get the job done.”

“Marinated in the sauce of classic rock, guitarists Peter Marcott and Ian Ridgeway sear through tantrum-like anthems while Alex Greene (drums) and Todd Gee (bass) keep the dancing to a maximum with pounding funk-fueled rhythms.”

"Scott Gilmore is an incorrigible idealist"

"Rise of the Evolutionaries" is amazingly precise.

Ott Tammik - Oregon Daily Emerald

“Scott Gilmore evokes the idealism of Cat Stevens and the existentialism of the Flaming Lips.”

Grace Pettygrove - Oregon Voice